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What’s New at CES 2020

CES 2020 with over 4,500 exhibitors and 175,000 visitors opened this week with great fanfare. There is something for everyone at the show: smart lights, talking showerheads, diaper sensors, drones, smarter breathalyzers, autonomous vehicles, automated rocking seats for infants, a Nespresso-like device with pods for vitamins, 8K TVs, 5G devices, AI in hearing aids, robots that deliver toilet paper, sensors in your underwear and even a digital makeup device from L’Oreal to mix your own lipstick and makeup!

CES 2020 Opening crowd

In the homecare space of which are interested, there are home sensors to track movement, temperature, falls, panic, implantable sensors, lighting, video doorbells, heating and cleaning and of course even more intelligent locks than last year.

There’s a plethora of AI infused everything! Want to know how old you really are? Answer a few questions with this mobile app. How about an app that tells you are overweight or thirsty? Need AI to tell you that you should drive slower because it is snowing? How about earbuds that take your temperature? Medical care via telemedicine is only a tap, or Hello Google, away.

Ingenious – AI powered luggage that follows you, a vibrator that adjusts to your orgasm, smart blenders, facial analysis that help you identify the zit to cover up, earbuds with noise cancelling to help you sleep better, robots to replace everything including your arms, hands or even your caregiver!

CES has always been the launching pad for new technologies, including our RxPense. This year the focus seems to have evolved from smart cities to smart homes to smart people. There are devices to help you manage medications, tell you what food is missing from your refrigerator and even talking device to keep you company while you watch TV and are having your floors vacuumed. What next? Reinventing the wheel? Actually Bridgestone has done that with their new Airless Wheel!

Airless Tires

Each year CES is the hotspot for displaying all the new gadgets and technologies that will eventually become useful. While I question the value of many products, I do admire the underlying technologies that push us to develop better sensors, medical devices and appliances that will ultimately lead to a better quality of life.

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