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Tricorders Are Here!

Fans of Star Trek don’t need to be told what a tricorder is, but those of you who aren’t Trekkies might need to have one explained to you. Basically, a tricorder is a hand-held device that has multiple uses. It can be used for sensor scanning, data analysis and recording information. There are three main kinds of tricorders in the fictional Star Trek universe and one of them is used by doctors to help diagnose diseases and collect bodily information about a patient.

When the medical tricorder was first introduced in the 1960s, people could believe that such a device would exist in the 23rd century. However, it’s difficult to imagine that many could believe that a similar device would actually be available to people a few decades later. Well, it’s happened and there are a few devices out there now that can do a lot of the same things that tricorders can.

While not quite as advanced as Star Trek’s tricorders, Dynosense’s Dynosensor health scanner will soon be available. It’s supposed to be able to measure up to 56 vitals in less than 60 seconds. It’s also said to be able to do these things with medical-grade quality and high accuracy. Blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, core body temperature and your hydration level are all things that this device can give you information on.
Another amazing product is the HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device from CardioComm Solutions Inc. It is the only device of its kind already cleared by the FDA for consumer use. The pocket-sized PEN allows you to take heart readings within 30 seconds from anywhere, the moment symptoms appear. No complex electrodes to stick all over your body, just a simple pen-like device held in your hands does it all. The ECG is recorded and available for analysis by a physician onsite or remotely.

A device such as this could prove to be quite handy when caring for elderly patients, dealing with chronic diseases and keeping track of your health. It could be especially useful for gathering health information for your doctor. It could provide him or her with invaluable details about your personal health over a period of time. The doctor would learn more about their patient from the machine’s readings than they would from multiple in-office visits. In some cases, having access to the device’s data would actually make in-office visits unnecessary.

The RxPense Hub is an amazing central computing device, that can access or consolidate data from adjunct devices like the Dynosensor™ health scanner and The HeartCheck Pen™ and other medical tricorders. In addition to simplifying and consolidating data from multiple sources, the RxPense also acts as a pill dispenser and an advanced one at that. It’s designed to provide patients with the proper medication at the proper times. Vital signs and medication data can now be correlated to the benefit of patients and health care providers alike. Much like tricorders, something like this would have seemed like science fiction in the ’60s, but the technology is here today and it has great potential. It will reduce medical non-compliance, prolong life and allow seniors to increase the amount of quality time that they get to enjoy in their own homes.

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