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The RxPense Hub as a Critical Component of Modern Clinical Trials Research

Medication non-adherence is a major problem, worldwide. It is particularly important in the area of Clinical Trials Research for several reasons.

In this paper we examine some of the benefits for adopting the RxPense® Hub, a medication dispensing, management and remote monitoring system developed by Medipense, to support Clinical Trials Research.

The Challenge

Medication errors and medication non-adherence are not new challenges. They are well defined and well understood by health care professionals in all sectors. Within a clinical trials context, medication non-adherence is a particular challenge for Contract Research Organizations (CRO) as the quality of the research is only a good as the data that feeds it.

Researchers and clinicians have used a host of methods to assess patient adherence to medication regimens. Large variations in non-adherence (including non-compliance and non-persistence) are common in individual patients. Up until now the principal means for assessing compliance has been in one or more of the following areas:

Direct means:

  • Drug assays of blood or urine
  • The use of drug markers with target medications
  • Direct observation of the patient

Indirect means:

  • Self-reporting by the patient
  • Medication measurement (pill count)
  • Review of Rx records and claims, and
  • The use of Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS)

Each of the methods above offers it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Whether or not drug assays or drug markers are a required part of the study methodology, all of the other methodologies are either accomplished by modern technology or they are no longer required at all.

Return On Investment

Justification for the inclusion of new technology is not simply a matter of lease verses buy. It must first present a real business case and answer some pointed questions like: Can the technology reduce program cost? Can it reduce risk? Will the product or service increase reliability and accuracy of data?

In the case of RxPense® we have prepared a sample ROI sheet, in our whitepaper, below, for a 24-month clinical study of a new oncology (or other) drug. We highlight some of the typical cost drivers and how they impact the study, with and without the inclusion of an RxPense® Medication Management solution. The actual cost will vary market by market and county by country.

To read the full document and learn more about the solution, download our white paper today!

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