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Staying Out Of the Hospital

Our healthcare system is sick. There’s no denying it at this point. With ever-increasing challenges and fiscal pressure, there’s a growing consensus that what needs to be done to fix things is focus on preventative health rather than primarily worrying about treating those who are already sick.

In a report published not that long ago, two of Canada’s leading economists came to the conclusion that healthcare spending in Ontario will account for 80% of the province’s total program spending by 2030 if something isn’t done. Currently, healthcare only accounts for 50% of Ontario’s program spending, so the increase would be significant, to say the least. The report also noted that the expected increase would come treating chronic diseases rather than making an effort to prevent them.

The number of hospital admissions seen on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis could be cut drastically if people just took better care of themselves. If folks were better about staying active, eating healthy foods, avoiding stuff like cigarettes, and following treatment plans and adhering to their medications, it would make a major difference and ultimately save the healthcare system billions of dollars. It would also enable doctors and other healthcare professionals to devote more time and energy to patients who really need their care.

Admittedly, finding the time to exercise or prepare healthy foods isn’t always easy. Also, overcoming an addiction to cigarettes or other addictive products is no small task. However, complying with medication prescriptions is something that most people should be capable of doing, especially now that machines like the RxPense are hitting the market.

Though it has multiple functions, RxPense primarily serves as a pill dispenser. It’s programmed to provide its users with the right pills at the right time and it even has features built into it that serve to ensure that patients take their drugs as required. The machine is easy to load and getting it refilled with new pills is quite simple as well.

Seeing devices like RxPense gain wider use could have a dramatic effect on the healthcare system. After all, it’s believed that up to 10% of hospitalizations are directly linked to the failure of patients to follow prescriptions. In some cases, the same person will end up in the hospital multiple times simply because he or she didn’t take their pills as instructed. We can’t allow things to continue like this.

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