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Seniors Residences & Assisted Living

  • Increased Compliance + Monitoring Services
  • The RxPense® Hub
  • Circle of Care
  • Full Circle Benefits

Increased Compliance + Monitoring Services

Automated Pill Dispensing for Seniors Residences, Assisted Living and Managed Care Facilities

Seniors are moving into assisted living and seniors residences in record numbers. With over 10,000 people turning 65 years old, daily, residences and the unique services they can provide have created a large demand. Distinguishing your residence from the competition is the key to attracting lucrative clientele. Providing increased compliance and monitoring services, allows caregivers and family members to feel more comfortable. Facilitating medication management for seniors can be a win-win!

The pill dispenser to better manage chronic diseases

Those with chronic conditions such as COPD and Chronic Heart Failure do not usually self-manage well. With RxPense®, residents remain connected to their physicians or local health care staff, who also remotely monitor and receive alerts as soon as an event occurs. High blood pressure, rise in temperature or even missing a medication dose can all automatically generate an alert to the appropriate caregiver. In addition, through secure video conferencing capabilities, residents and loved ones can easily stay in touch.

RxPense® can provide this comfort. Seniors are prompted to take their medications at the right time. Administrators can refill each unit bi-weekly, reducing overhead. Caregivers can monitor the medication compliance of the patient. Family can communicate directly with the senior through video chat, anywhere in the world. Everyone is happy. Want to learn how much integrating the RxPense in our facility can not only increase profit but supercharge your resident’s quality of life and satisfaction? Check out the Quick ROI calculation below.

The RxPense® Hub

rxpense_medication_dispenser​RxPense® is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures Seniors and Chronic Care Patients at home (or elsewhere), take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers if they miss a dose. It can also capture (through external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record for better follow-up by doctors and pharmacists. It gives users access to digital health care and telemedicine.

Alerts and notifications include a series of visual, audible and vibration prompts to the senior and email, SMS and Cloud-based recording for caregivers. This new generation device and online monitoring service features the latest communications and display technologies (android, touch screen tablet, customs apps, multiple interfaces). RxPense® automates the dispensing of DisPill® and Eco-Pill™ packaged medications through a patented process, and reduces the risk of medication non-compliance, prolongs life and increases quality of life for the senior. It also bonds clients with their service providers and enables a Circle of Care that is unprecedented.


In addition, the RxPense Hub features a full set of modern communications technologies specifically targeted for seniors, that enable both voice and “videoconference” communication directly from the device. These same technologies will enable “virtual doctors visits” that will require no travelling, no time-off-work for a family member to accompany the patient or resultant stress from the “sortie”.

Remote Monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor each client, both from the point of view of their medication compliance and from connected sensors that include everything from vitals monitoring to connected fall detection devices to quality of sleep devices, enable the residence to provide a significantly enhanced (and commercially desirable) service for its clients and their families.

Circle of Care

For the first time, in this new environment of IoT and IoS, any individual’s Circle of Care can now include physicians, clinicians, pharmacists, caregivers and family members in a persistently connected, real-time system of support for seniors and the chronically ill. Quality of life is instantly increased and everyone in the Circle of Care has accurate and valid information on which they can make life and health decisions for the benefit of the individual at the center of the circle. It is true that what was once Independent Living becomes, for most people, Inter-dependent Living.

The average residence has some 100 clients. Obviously some have many more and some have less. It is entirely achievable that the average residence, on a single computer screen, could monitor the medication compliance, the health condition, vital signs and any other sensor data including fall detectors and panic buttons for all of their clients.

Win-Win with RxPense®

Medication non-adherence is a major problem, worldwide. Seniors residences and Assisted Living Facilities, including Long Term Care Facilities, are far from being immune to this problem.

Read our detailed white paper, The RxPense Hub as a Critical Component of the Modern Seniors Residence, Assisted Living Facility and LTCF, where we examine some possibilities that will allow residences of all types to reduce costs, increase revenues and provide a better client experience through the adoption of innovative new technologies of the IoT and particularly the RxPense® Hub, a medication dispensing, management and remote monitoring system developed by Medipense.

Benefits of the best pill dispenser for seniors

For Patients

  • Better quality of life
  • Fewer hospital visits
  • Better outcomes
  • Reduced travel and health costs
  • Increased social interaction with family and friends

For Patient Families

  • Better visibility into the quality of life of the loved one
  • Fewer hospital visits – fewer interruptions into their work days
  • Better outcomes
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Increased peace of mind – reduced stress and concern

For Residences

  • Better overall quality of life in the residence
  • Reduced risk and liability
  • Superior service
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased revenues for enhanced services
  • Superior reputation / higher desirability / increased ability to charge for core services

Quick Return On Investment (ROI) for Residence Owners

These quick calculations are based on a typical seniors residence with 100 residents. We estimate that 40% will participate in the medication assistance service. A typical leasing cost is $140 monthly, along with a $10 subscription for the Panique service. Assuming only 5 min per patient is currently expended to provide medications, 4 times daily, the labour savings is quite significant. The ROI assumes the residence will charge the same monthly rate for assistance, with or without the RxPense.

The ability to remotely monitor each client, both from the point of view of their medication compliance and from connected sensors that include everything from vitals monitoring to connected fall detection devices to quality of sleep devices, enable the residence to provide a significantly enhanced and commercially desirable service for its clients and their families.

Exploring funding options and revenue generation in the chart, one can see a substantial ROI. In the context of residences which currently charge residents for medication assistance services, there is a significant cost reduction and revenue generating possibility that results in a large profit margin. For example, over a 3 year period, the profit might exceed $1M per residence.

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