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Rehabilitation Centers

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About Rehab Centers

Treatment and rehabilitation centers help people struggling from drug, alcohol or substance abuse or addiction. The focus of the rehab center is on providing help for these people to safely reduce, then eliminate their dependency.

Getting help can mean different things for different people and it can take many different forms. Successful treatment is not determined by immediate, long-term abstinence but when the person really understands their substance use disorder and feels comfortable in seeking help should a relapse takes place.

For those with dependencies recovery from substance use disorders is possible. People can, and do, overcome problematic substance use. A person in recovery is going through an individual process to improve their physical, psychological and social health, which can take time. What this recovery looks like could include complete abstinence (i.e. avoiding drugs or alcohol completely) or medication assisted treatment, such as prescribing methadone or buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder[1].

How RxPense Can Assist Rehab Centers in Providing Help

The RxPense® can be used to secure medications and control their release. In addition, custom and extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities are available in the Cloud.

Controlled Medication Release

The RxPense® secures medications and ensures only those authorized, are able to dispense. Only those authorized, may dispense on a schedule determined by the rehab center. For example, John may only take a medication once, every 4 hours. At all other times they remain locked and unavailable. Mary however, is able to take a medication every 2 hours. When Mary authenticates with the RxPense with her unique ID or voice, her image is captured and the medication is dispensed.

Cannabis, opioids, morphine and cocaine are examples of controlled drugs. The RxPense can secure and provide authenticated access and logging of the dispensing and consumption of these and other controlled substances. 

Administrative Control

The RxPense® Portal can access each patient’s profile, by authorized users, and set the dispensing cycles, medication details and reporting process. Contacts are notified as meds are taken, or when not taken. Direct video communication is possible, from anywhere. Reports are generated for a specific patient, group, organization or location.

Support for Mental Health

The RxPense® can be part of a coordinated solution supporting seniors, caregivers, and people living with mental health and addictions concerns. Medications must be taken regularly and consistently to ensure maximum effective and benefit. Caregivers can not always be around to remind their loved on or patient to take their medication. The RxPense® can become the digital health aid to assist mental health patients to maintain their medication adherence. When a dose is missed, caregivers are notified. Medications remain secure and locked, only dispensed to the patient according to a strict schedule. A complete history and audit trail is maintained in the cloud, accessible only to authorized persons.

[1] Get help with problematic substance use – Canada.ca, https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/substance-use/get-help/get-help-problematic-substance-use.html

medication management in a hospital or ltc facility

Additional Security is Good

The RxPense® has some specific safety features. The medications in the RxPense® are secured under lock and key. In the case of a caregiver, this protects the medications from tampering by the person under care and by others with access. Only the patient or a designated caregiver may access the medications and only when it is the correct time. The RxPense® has a battery backup system to ensure proper dispensing during a power outage. Finally, all activity is monitored 24×7 with the audit trail securely uploaded to our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant servers. A complete audit trail, securely uploaded to the RxPense®, HIPAA-compliant Cloud is available 24×7 for your quality assurance and performance metrics.

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