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  • Improved Medication Management
  • Better Remote Monitoring
  • The Cost of Hospital Readmission
  • Reduced Insurance & Liability Cost

Improved Medication Management

Improved medication management, adherence and safety are paramount to the integrity of a hospital. Ensuring the right patient receives the correct medications on-time is essential to the well-being of the patient. Helping to alleviate and reduce medication errors in a hospital setting , RxPense® makes sure that patients and attending physicians or nurses are notified when a dose is ready, has been dispensed, when the patient has consumed the meds and when the patient has not.

With up to 30 per cent of all medical mishaps in a hospital attributed to drug or medication errors, such as a wrong dose or a dose given to the wrong patient, RxPense® can significantly reduce these errors, decrease liability and increase compliance.


The CDC encourages the use of adherence aids. Chronically ill patients who take their medications save the health care system up to $7,800 annually per patient.

medication management in a hospital or ltc facility

Additional Security is Good

The RxPense® has some specific safety features. The medications in the RxPense® are secured under lock and key. In the case of a caregiver, this protects the medications from tampering by the person under care and by others with access. Only the patient or a designated caregiver may access the medications and only when it is the correct time. The RxPense® has a battery backup system to ensure proper dispensing during a power outage. Finally, all activity is monitored 24×7 with the audit trail securely uploaded to our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant servers. A complete audit trail, securely uploaded to the RxPense®, HIPAA-compliant Cloud is available 24×7 for your quality assurance and performance metrics.

Better Remote Monitoring

Our healthcare system is focused on treating patients under direct medical care. Those with chronic conditions such as COPD and Chronic Heart Failure do not usually self-manage well. The result is that they commonly fall back in to the hospital in need of urgent care. It is important that we better assist people with these chronic conditions to remain at home longer. Better self-management through technology and connected devices help patients stay home and keep them connected to their physicians who may remotely monitor and receive alerts as soon as an event occurs.

Increasingly, hospitals with high re-admission rates are being penalized, financially. Insurance companies and Payors are demanding better outcomes. The solution may be RxPense®! RxPense® can help patients remain at home or clinic, longer. Checkout the potential ROI on using a self-monitoring solution like RxPense®.

RxPense for improved medication management


According to a recent news release by WinterGreen Research, the “cost of tele-medicine for the US veterans administration is $1,630 per patient per annum”. By comparison, nursing home and facility care programs cost $100,000 per annum. The Veterans Hospital Administration implementation was a very positive experience resulting in a more widespread adoption of tele-medicine. “Telemedicine is an appropriate and cost-effective way of managing chronic care patients in both urban and rural settings”.

Hospital Readmissions

Hospital readmissions can have an impact on quality performance measures. As patients are readmitted, your credibility and revenue decreases due to these metrics and fines. For example, there are many disease states that typify higher readmission rates. Compounded with medication non-adherence, or strictly due to medication non-adherence, Medipense can help your patients remain adherent, longer.

The Cost of Hospital Readmission¹

Nearly 18 percent of Medicare patients who had been hospitalized were readmitted within a month

The latest statistics for Medicare patients in the USA peg the cost of readmissions at $26 Billion. The interesting facts is that $17 Billion is preventable!

CMS will penalize Hospitals $280 Million for readmissions.

Reduced Insurance and Liability Cost

With a remote monitored solution, any anomaly is reported and all events are recorded. Adherence and health sensory data are all stored in a secure audit trail. With a tap of the finger or click of a mouse, relevant patient data is instantly available correlating medication consumption, dosage and vitals in an easy to understand, detailed report.

Cause and effect can now be understood. Emergency notifications can save lives. Patients can remain at home longer. Isn’t that a better outcome for everyone?

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