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Seniors At Home

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  • Remote Monitoring


Aging in place, keeping seniors at home, is a major preoccupation of Seniors, and their children, around the world. As described in our video and supported with global research, Seniors want to remain at home, longer. With technological innovations of this era, the question remains: How can intelligent machines, or artificial intelligence, make life better for the 10,000 people turning 65 every day?

We know how to add bars to bathrooms, build ramps for mobility but ensuring our loved ones take their medications on time, every time remains a challenge. We want seniors at home to be as independent as possible.

With up to 30% of hospital re-admissions due to medication non-adherence, the largest consumers of medications are the elderly.

So how can seniors remain at home longer? It begins with Medication Adherence and the ability to remotely capture and monitor medication compliance and a host of other pertinent data in a comprehensive manner. Medipense invented the RxPense® specifically for Seniors, to ensure the right pills are taken by the right person at the right time, reducing the risk of overdose, underdose and unauthorized dose.

For seniors or those with complex medication regimens, RxPense® will help manage your medication schedule and increase adherence.

The RxPense® helps by allowing seniors to remain at home longer, to be monitored remotely by health care professionals and to benefit from advances in telemedicine and electronic health records.

Automated Pill Dispenser Keeps Seniors at Home Longer

It is estimated that more than 75% of seniors prefer to remain at home rather than a nursing home or managed care facility[1]. The operative word here is “prefer”. While we can all agree that remaining at home is preferred, just how many can?

To remain at home one must be able to handle:

  1. personal care including washing, dressing, hair and makeup
  2. food including shopping & cooking meals
  3. chores including house cleaning, sanitization and sanitation, laundry, outdoor gardening
  4. bill payments, banking and financial matters
  5. medical care including medication management, health monitoring, doctors visits

To assess the possibility of remaining at home, seniors are evaluated based on several health, physical and mental factors. Mild cognitive impairment is more pronounced in adding individuals. The level of cognitive ability needs to be reviewed to determine whether the senior can understand, take action and consume. If an alert to take your medications is raised, will the senior understand what that means? Will the senior be physically able to respond, walk or approach a dispenser, touch a screen to acknowledge or authenticate, retrieve and swallow their medications? Can they sort or organize their daily medication regimen? If the answer is yes to all, an automated home health and medication dispensing device like the RxPense is a useful management and monitoring appliance that will not only assist the senior, but keep their caregivers, family members, clinicians and entire circle of care informed. Stress is reduced. Medication adherence increased. Family care is expanded.

We understand that there is some time after the onset of dementia and the point in time when the senior can no longer remain alone. During this time, apparently and commonly a period of 2 years, automation can ensure the senior is safe, adherent to their medications and monitored 24×7. The RxPense with additional Panique fall detector, wearable sensors from Hexoskin and a host of other vendors can greatly assist with their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Even the blind and those afflicted with varying degrees of loss of sight at any age, can operate the RxPense though voice commands and audible alerts.

Should the senior’s cognitive abilities decrease further, the choice to remain at home or be placed in a managed care facility becomes more relevant. At Medipense, we firmly believe that remaining at home is not only beneficial to the senior, their family and caregivers, but it may also be more financially viable.

In Canada, we have local health care organizations, government run and provided, that continually send personal support workers, technicians and nurses to service those seniors or chronic care patients in need, at their home. However, resources are extremely limited so a support worker can only spend a fixed amount of time each visit. If much of that time is spent providing, organizing and supplying medications, little time remains for cooking, bathing or any of the other ADL. Hence, the use of an assistive device like the RxPense can reduce medication error, risk and non-adherence while letting the caregiver focus on other important activities to brighter the senior’s day. They can also video conference with other members of the circle of care, deliver and respond to surveys and collect and record vitals at the time of medication consumption.

For those who even more impaired or disabled, the RxPense can follow them to residence or managed care facility, ensuring medication adherence continues.

[1] https://assets.aarp.org/rgcenter/general/home-community-services-10.pdf

Never Miss a Dose Again

Seniors are the largest per-capita consumer of prescription medications. Co-incidentally, they are also the most apt to deal badly with the requirements of scheduling, medication compliance and understanding the various medication interactions. Medication compliance in home settings, for seniors at home, to insure proper drug administration is a major unsatisfied need. As medication usage and life expectancy increase, and the shift towards more in-home healthcare proliferates, this need will only be accentuated.

Despite receiving written and verbal information, 27% of older people discharged from hospital after heart failure were classed as non-adherent within 30 days. The majority remembered receiving oral information, but less than one in four recalled any written information they were given. Almost one in ten did not remember receiving any information at all.

Each time your medications are ready, you are notified. When they are taken, you confirm. If you miss a dose, your caregivers are notified. When you need a refill, your pharmacist is notified. Not sure if you have taken your meds? Either a caregiver will remind you or simply touch the screen and you will have access to your activity log. The highest level of accessibility designed into each product and service we provide. No more fumbling around with packaging to open your medications – RxPense® delivers on time, every time, in an easy to take, pre-opened package.

In addition to Seniors, other users for RxPense® are those under the age of 65 that need assistance in medication compliance – the infirm. This group includes individuals ranging from those taking multiple medications to those needing help remembering when to take their medication. Some of these individuals would include patients recovering from brain surgery, patients taking a drug cocktail to combat HIV/AIDS, or Parkinson’s Disease.

Better Home Health Monitoring

Medipense is pushing the homecare technology envelope to facilitate the secure delivery of health-related services and information. Existing systems provide disparate sensors to monitor blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, weight and other life signals often with multiple mobile apps, tablets or independent devices. However, Medipense consolidates all these sensors and readings with a common user interface and adds automatic pill dispensing and an audit trail, telemedicine, video conferencing and secure communications capabilities to the equation.

RxPense® is a new generation device and online monitoring service featuring the latest communications and display technologies. It automates the dispensing of medications, through a patented process, to reduce the risk of medication non-compliance, prolong life and quality time spent at home.

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