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Medication Adherence Solutions

The RxPense® is the most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser specifically designed for seniors, seniors with dementia, elderly with physical impediments, chronic care patients, veterans, indigenous peoples regardless of their location. The RxPense® is the only device which secures(physically and with biometric identification, pin and password) stores and automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled and sealed, weekly multi-dose blister-packaged medications such as DisPill™, Distrimedic™, Eco-Pill™ and others, through a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence.

medication adherence solutions for seniorsRxPense® is an enterprise-grade, robust, secure, and adaptive multilingual pill dispenser supporting native language preferences of patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

At Medipense, we are always looking for better ways to keep seniors at home longer. However, when the need arises, the RxPense® can follow the senior into their new residence or assisted living facility.

Explore our medication adherence solutions for Seniors in Residences and Long-term Care Facilities, Caregivers & Homecare Agencies, Rehab Centers, Pharmacies, Clinical Trials, Disabled Veterans, Indigenous Peoples, Hospitals, Schools and Seniors At Home.

While seniors are the largest consumer of prescription medications, they are also the most apt to deal badly with the requirements of scheduling, medication compliance and understanding the various medication interactions. Chronic care patients have difficulties managing the myriad of pills they need to take each day. Pill dispensers of the past always relied on the user or a caregiver, to manually fill and organize their pills to ensure medication adherence. But we all know, or have experienced first-hand, the problems associated with making sure a loved one takes their pills on time. With the RxPense®, medication adherence solutions are available today!

Every year, people die needlessly due to medical errors, medication non-compliance, accidental falls, ignorance and countless other reasons. That’s not even counting the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. With the RxPense®, medication adherence solutions are available today!

We are an aging society. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a condition that affects up to 20% of seniors over 65. It is typically characterized by memory and/or other cognitive loss. While it can be a precursor to Alzheimer or other form of dementia, it is not always the case and affected individuals may in fact function adequately at home, for years. With the RxPense®, medication adherence solutions are available today!

Investigating medication errors and diving a little further into the research, studies show that 20% to 80% of patients make errors in taking medication and that 20% to 60% stop taking medications before being instructed to do so. With the RxPense®, medication adherence solutions are available today!

In Canada, it costs $1,000 to keep a person in a hospital bed for a day. Long-term care costs $130 a day. Home care (excluding the economic costs of caregivers looking after relatives) costs $55. That translates to approximately $2.3 billion a year that could be better spent in the health-care system with some strategic thinking and investing. With the RxPense®, medication adherence solutions are available today!

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