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RxPense® Hub

RxPense® is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures seniors, chronic care patients and disabled veterans at home (or elsewhere), take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers, or pharmacists, psychiatrists, clinicians and physicians, if they miss a dose. It also accurately records and documents the consumption of PRN “as-needed” and OTC medications. It can also capture (though external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record. It gives users access to digital health care and tele-medicine.

Alerts and notifications include a series of visual, audible and vibration prompts to the patient and email, SMS and Cloud-based recording for physicians, clinicians and caseworkers. This new generation device and online monitoring service features the latest communications and display technologies (android, touch screen tablet, customs apps, multiple interfaces). RxPense® automates the dispensing of weekly multidose blister-packaged medications such as DisPill™, Distrimedic™, Eco-Pill™ and others, though a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence.

In addition, the RxPense® Hub features a full set of modern communications technologies specifically targeted for patients, that enable both voice and “videoconference” communication directly from the device. These same technologies will enable “virtual doctors’ visits”, patient interviews and direct observation of the patient. The ability to directly observe a patient, even at a distance, has immeasurable benefits for the physician and clinician, particularly for capturing and understanding facial expressions during an interview.

We are all saturated with sounds, noises and distractions. So how can we gain confidence in knowing an alarm actually reached the right person? Our approach with RxPense® has been to communicate via multiple sources for urgent issues — Sound: — voice and traditional alarms, Text: SMS and Email — because everyone, carries their mobile everywhere and Visual: Lights on the device and remote control through home automation.

Other features include direct video chat with caregivers and tight security interfaces including biometric, facial recognition, password or RFID are possible. Each RxPense® may hold up to 2 weeks of medications for 1 patient, or 1 week of medications for 2 patients.

The most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser.

Specifically designed for seniors, by seniors, with a little help from some bright younger folks, the RxPense® ensures the right pills are dispensed at the right time to the right person.

RxPense® is an automatic pill dispenser which promotes medication adherence. RxPense® can also help prevent prescription drug abuse by securely storing, locking and only dispensing medications to the patient or an authorized person.

What Language do you speak?

RxPense® is multilingual and ships with English, French & Spanish out of the box. Additional languages downloadable.

No Fuss, Simple Loading

Medications are packaged, sealed and certified by your pharmacist. You receive the sealed blister packages delivered to your residence, home or LTC facility. These packages are loaded into the RxPense® following simple, on-screen instructions by an authorized caregiver, healthcare provider or family member. The RxPense automatically self-programs and is ready to dispense your medications, on-time, every-time.

RxPense Hub loading medications

RxPense® Opens the Package, Dispenses and Records Consumption

No more fumbling around with difficult to open packaging or vials. After you have identified yourself, each dose is delivered with the package opened and ready for you to take. Simple on-screen or verbal instructions will guide you every step of the way.

RxPense® is secure. Every unit is physically secured and with NFC identification protocols as part of our built-in security, we ensure only those authorized are allowed access.

Each RxPense is securely connected to the Cloud to store and access your data, notify caregivers and allow secure messaging between authorized users.


The RxPense® is locked, rugged, water-resistant and tamper-proof, securing medications and preventing unauthorized access. User authentication is robust. Data encryption and privacy ensures only those authorized, can access the RxPense.

For seniors requiring assistance, the RxPense® is Arthritis-friendly with support for visual and cognitive impairments. The RxPense® clearly brings digital health to an aging population.

Emergency Support

In addition to being an amazing personal medication reminder, RxPense® also helps in case of emergency. Our unique Emergency Information Display feature provides the information needed for emergency personnel to make informed decisions. The Emergency Information Display (+) could help first responders make life saving decisions in the event of a medical emergency. It gathers all pertinent data about those under your care from their RxPense® profile. Information such as Name, Address and Telephone, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, List of Prescriptions, Allergies, Medical Conditions, Blood type, Next of Kin/Caregivers and other important notes. The Emergency Information Display information can be displayed, or emailed instantly to caregivers, with the ability to also allow your Emergency Physician or First Responder to enter their email address for a copy.

*Patented & Patent Pending.

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