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Medipense Demonstrates RxPense®, the Best Pill Dispenser for Seniors, at Together We Care 2018, Toronto

Helping seniors take medications, on time, every time, RxPense®, the most connected, secure, automated best pill dispenser for seniors or chronic disease patients demonstrated live in Toronto, April 9-11, 2018, at the Together We Care conference.

Montreal, Quebec, March 15, 2018. Medipense is proud to announce live demonstrations of its innovative medication management and remote monitoring device at the Together We Care conference in Toronto, April 9th -11th. The most connected, secure, automated, best pill dispenser for seniors or chronic disease patients will be demonstrated live by its founder, Terry Fagen, in the Toronto Convention Center, booth 530.

Together We Care 2018 is Canada’s largest gathering of long term care and retirement home professionals. This year’s event promises to be better than ever with exceptional keynote speakers and a broad range of education sessions designed to both challenge and inform delegates.

“I’m so proud to be a member of ORCA and to support our aging population. The RxPense which represents the birth of a new generation in secure medication dispensing, for those who need that “extra help” staying adherent to multiple medications, is a perfect companion for seniors residences and long-term care facilities.” Stated Terry Fagen, President and Founder of Medipense.

RxPense for SeniorsThe RxPense exemplifies innovation in digital health with a comprehensive suite of communications capabilities ranging from caregiver alerts for missed doses to video conferencing that enables real time telemedicine. The RxPense is a highly secure system that uses industry standard, pharmacist-filled and sealed blister packs contained in a locked device that requires user authentication to access medications.

The RxPense Is the only connected device to self-program up to 2 weeks’ scheduled doses and ensures only the right senior can take the right medications at the right time. User authentication includes biometric and pins codes, RFID and passwords. Completely programmable alerts, extensive remote monitoring of one or thousands with a simple, polished HIPAA-compliant portal.

In addition, MediPense has partnered with others for health sensor inputs. An example is Hexoskin, which manufactures intelligent clothing that can captures real-time health data such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and other vitals at the time of medication consumption. Physicians, caregivers and health care provides can now view a complete picture of the monitored senior. Medication history, health data, prescriptions, vital signs and consumption all presented in one, easy to view, portal page.

Administrators can now better monitor patient populations. Governments can better manage health care expenditures. Patients can feel secure in knowing there is help when needed. Learn more about how the RxPense can benefit in a seniors residence or managed care facility. 

About Medipense Inc.

Medipense is bringing digital health to an aging population by developing leading edge products and services to specifically address the needs of seniors, those suffering from chronic diseases and the infirm. Whether it’s for home health monitoring, remote health monitoring or on-site secure medication access, with RxPense® we combine the convenience of machine automation with senior-friendly software interfaces to create a unique experience and maximize medication compliance.

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