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RxPense Technology and the 5 R’s of Medication Administration

The five rights of medication administration, AKA the 5 R’s, were developed as goals to reduce medication errors and the subsequent adverse events. Ensuring that the right drug is administered to the right patient in the right dose by the right route at the right time seems like an obvious checklist to promote a thorough process, and they are. However, human factors in the implementation of these 5 R’s remain a hindrance.

The 5 R’s are really goals for medication safety. But how can a human know for sure that they are administering the right drug to the right patient. As example, can one know the right drug or the right dose by it’s color, shape or markings? How sure can we be that the patient is who they claim to be? Is their name tag printed correctly?  Is it possible to administer medications at the exact time, for all patients in a facility?

A 35 Bed facility typically takes 2 hours to administer medications. Are the medications to be taken on an empty stomach or with food? Some will get their medication late while others at the right time. Even after working a 12 hour shift, other human factors come into play.

The RxPense

Solutions with innovative technology now exist. The RxPense was developed by examining each of these “R’s”  and engineered to also mitigate human factors. In following the path of medications from the time of dispensing by the pharmacist, up to and including consumption by the patient the RxPense  automates reminding, dispensing, notifying and auditing. The RxPense is an invaluable addition to a staffed facility.

When the route is oral, the RxPense ensures the right drug (supplied, sealed and certified by the pharmacist) is given to the right patient (via biometric, voice, RFID and PIN authentication) in the right dose (supplied, sealed and certified by the pharmacist) at the right time (programmed by the pharmacist). While it can’t actually dispense injectables, inhalers and liquid medications, i.e., routes that are non-oral, the RxPense can still assist by notifying patients and health care professionals, capturing vitals and recording consumption.

The RxPense provides a complete history of medication administration as stored data, images, audio and video. Events are logged, vitals collected and all data uploaded to the RxPense Portal (Cloud) for further processing and review. Anomalies are instantly reported to caregivers or the designated health care provider.

How do you ensure 100 patients receive their medications at the right time or the same time? The RxPense does. How do you know when a patient has not taken their medications on time? The RxPense notifies. By alleviating stress on caregivers and assisting healthcare providers in fulfilling an error-free mandate we are effectively reducing the 5 R’s into 1 R, the RxPense.

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