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RxPense® Mobile

RxPense® Mobile is our downloadable software application that connects your smartphone or tablet to our cloud-based Portal. It helps you better manage your medications, helps caregivers and clinicians to better monitor you and helps family and circle of care members remain connected and updated with your adherence data. In addition, RxPense® Mobile App can assist Pharma companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to perform and monitor Clinical Trials, anywhere in the world, at a much lower cost.

With RxPense® Mobile App installed on any Android-based smartphone or tablet, you can better manage your medications and receive alerts whenever a dose is missed. It does everything the RxPense Hub does, except open and dispense the medications. It is dedicated for patients who want to use their own, or new, tablet or smartphone to connect with their circle of care, enter their adherence, vitals, notes and appointments and be monitored by those who care.

With RxPense® Mobile App connected to the RxPense® Portal:

  • Record all medications, regardless of packaging;
  • Manage meds in vials, blister packages, sachets, injectables, liquids, in fact any-consumable, anywhere;
  • Receive reminders by Email, Push or SMS to any device;
  • Communicate securely via video conferencing with those in your circle of care, privately through the RxPense portal;
  • Record medication adherence;
  • Record, store and monitor vitals and other health data;
  • Receive and Complete surveys digitally;
  • Record treatment progress & test results;
  • Automatically notify caregivers when a dose is missed;
  • View adherence reports;
  • Record personal medical history and allergies;
  • Record doctors’ appointments or any calendar event as a reminder;
  • Allow Emergency access to medical data for First Responders;
  • Accessible via Android mobile phone or tablet

The mobile app installed on a tablet or smartphone is similar to the RxPense® complete solution, without the RxPense® Hub. Most features and remote management capabilities of the full RxPense® Portal, without the physical pill dispenser, and offered at a low monthly subscription rate to patients, with FREE access for their caregivers.

Health Care providers and research organizations can use RxPense® Care and Mobile App to manage and remotely monitor their patients. Instant, secure video conferencing is included. The RxPense® Mobile App is completely integrated with the RxPense® and RxPense® Care portal. In fact, you can become a full RxPense® user simply by adding an RxPense Hub to your account.

How it Works

Patients sign up for the RxPense Care portal. With a valid user account, you may download and install the RxPense Mobile App on any Android based tablet or smartphone. A unique installation key is provided by the portal, validating and securing your device with your account.

In the portal, Patients may add information pertinent to their care and invite those in their circle of care to share data, to remotely monitor and to communicate at anytime.

When it is time to take your medications, a reminder is sent by direct push notification, SMS or Email to the patient, or any of those in their circle of care who opt-in to receive these reminders. On the tablet, you will see the Take Now button and other functions to  register their consumption. If a dose is forgotten, a reminder is sent out 3 times until the dose can no longer be consumed. At that time, or whenever a dose is skipped or missed, caregivers will receive an alert and can then call, visit or video chat with the patient.

At anytime, the patient may record their vitals to keep a history of their health information over time.

Review RxPense Care and sign up for a monthly subscription. You will then be provided a link to download the Mobile App from Google Play.


RxPense Mobile
RxPense Mobile
RxPense Mobile
RxPense Mobile
RxPense Mobile

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