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RxPense® Care (Better Medication Management)

RxPense® Care is our software as a service (SaaS) that helps you better manage your medications, helps caregivers and clinicians to better monitor you and helps family and circle of care members remain connected and updated with your adherence data. In addition, RxPense® Care can assist Pharma companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to perform and monitor Clinical Trials, anywhere in the world.

With RxPense® Care, you can better manage your own, your patients or your loved ones’ medications and receive alerts whenever a dose is missed.

With RxPense® Care:

  • Record all medications, regardless of packaging;
  • Manage meds in vials, blister packages, sachets, injectables, liquids, in fact any-consumable, anywhere;
  • Receive reminders by Email or SMS to any device;
  • Communicate securely via video conferencing with those in your circle of care, privately through the RxPense portal;
  • Record medication adherence;
  • Record, store and monitor vitals and other health data;
  • Deliver and Complete surveys digitally;
  • Record treatment progress & test results;
  • Automatically notify caregivers when a dose is missed;
  • View adherence reports;
  • Record personal medical history and allergies;
  • Record doctors’ appointments or any calendar event as a reminder;
  • As a clinician, manage and monitor groups of patients;
  • Emergency access to medical data for First Responders;
  • Accessible via mobile phone, tablet/iPad, computer or any internet connected device, anywhere;

RxPense® Care is similar to the RxPense® complete solution, without the RxPense® Hub. Most features and remote management capabilities of the full RxPense® Portal, without the physical pill dispenser, and offered at a low monthly subscription rate to patients, with FREE access for their caregivers.

RxPense® Care has a very simple email reminder service that will send you an email or SMS every time you need a reminder to take your medications, vitamins, or other events. Register for an account online and set up reminders as needed. These may be recurring, daily or specific days, or they may be one-time reminders. Enter as much or little details you would like to manage and monitor.

RxPense® Care includes complete medication management scheduling, confirmations when consumed, and notifications to your circle of care including caregivers, health care providers and family. Help is available instantly – when you miss a dose, everyone will be alerted.

RxPense® Care is a unique service. You can manage all your medications with additional information like medical history, allergies, primary caregiver, family contacts and detailed information for first responders to help you quickly.

Health Care providers and research organizations can use RxPense® Care to manage and remotely monitor their patients. Instant, secure video conferencing is included. See your loved ones, regardless of location. RxPense® Care is completely integrated with the RxPense® portal. In fact, you can become a full RxPense® user simply by adding an RxPense Hub to your account.

How it Works

Patients or caregivers register their medications, doses, vitals, medical conditions and allergies in the Portal with their favorite tablet or personal computer.

Patients may add information pertinent to their care and invite those in their circle of care to share data, to remotely monitor and to communicate at anytime.

When it is time to take your medications, a reminder is sent by direct push notification (RxPense Mobile App), SMS or Email to the patient, or any of those in their circle of care who opt-in to receive these reminders. Once taken, the patient taps a link in the email or SMS to register their consumption. If a dose is forgotten, a reminder is sent out 3 times until the dose can no longer be consumed. At that time, or whenever a dose is skipped or missed, caregivers will receive an alert and can then call, visit or video chat with the patient.

At anytime, the patient may record their vitals to keep a history of their health information over time.



Remote Patient Monitoring and Control

The RxPense® Portal is an integral part of the RxPense® ecosystem. It provides secure, cloud-based access to patient profiles, regardless of location. The cloud securely hosts our Web Portal which bridges the Patient with Caregivers, Physicians and Pharmacists. The Portal fully supports Medipense concept of the Home Health by providing access to data and monitoring, 24×7.

RxPense® Care Features



This lists all patients accessible to the logged-in user. A Caregiver may have 1 or many Patients to monitor.


This presents the survey function and access to existing surveys. Surveys may be customized for each patient and delivered at various times by email or SMS.

Today’s Doses

Displays a summary of medications and dispensing statuses for the current day.


A quick view of adherence – taken, missed or skipped.


Quick view of recorded vitals with the ability to record new ones.

Contact Information

View, update & validate Patient Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses and Locations.

Emergency Contacts

Displays Emergency Contacts such as Primary Caregiver, Physician, Pharmacist…

NOTE: Emergency contacts are set via circle of care membership profiles. Clinicians, physicians and administrators may receive alerts and notifications to help them better monitor those in their care.

Circle of Care

Patient-authorized caregivers and others who may interact with the patient and portal based on their permissions. You may OPT-IN to receive email and SMS notifications for EACH PATIENT via their CIRCLE OF CARE settings

Care Profile

Patient details including DOB, height, weight, blood type, identifications such as health, insurance and government, Dose settings, location etc…


Details and listing of allergies.

Medical Conditions

Details and listing of medical conditions

Notes & Comments

Date and time-stamped notes log. Enter test results, prognosis or personal comments in the patient file.

Video Conferencing

Secure video conferencing, one on one, between patient and caregiver or circle of care member is available, regardless of what platform you access the portal.


Displays past and future patient events and appointments. New events can be added and will  generate notifications & alerts.

Dose History

Details and status of prior doses.

Prescription Details

Add/view details and listing of prescriptions along with dose and dispensing information.

Reminder Settings

Enable/disable/set time for reminders including dose, notification and other calendar events.

RxPense® Care Portal (SaaS) & Mobile – How to Get Started

Patients access the Portal with their favorite tablet or personal computer and can then enter all their personal details, caregivers, contacts, physicians, pharmacies, medical history, test results and medications and thereafter have full access to their medication history and other details. 

Need Help?: Complete the RxPense Care Registration form and submit it if you would like our assistance. This information will help us properly validate your account and then set it up. You will be sent an email invitation from the RxPense portal as soon as your account has been established.


  1. Patients may determine whether RxPense is available by Requesting a Quote and paying the subscription fee online.
  2. A link as well as a license key code will be provided by email, as soon as we have validated your account.
  3. You will then be able to register and access the RxPense Care portal, download the Mobile App or obtain additional information.

Clinicians, Researchers & Caregivers

  1. For new or special projects, Request a Quote. Clinician access is FREE. No subscription fees.
  2. Complete the RxPense Care Clinician Registration form and submit it so we may properly validate your account and then set it up.
  3. You will be sent an email invitation from the RxPense portal as soon as your account has been established.

RxPense® Care Roles

Clinicians, Researchers, Health Care Providers, Caregivers

A clinician, researchers, health care provider or caregiver is a high level user which usually manages one or more RxPense® Care patients within a particular organization. A patient may invite a caregiver into their circle of care or clinician may invite a patient to the RxPense® Care portal. This account is presented with a consolidated view of all the data from within their sphere of influence. Clinicians, Researchers and Health Care Providers and Caregivers are provided FREE access to the RxPense Care Portal to manage their patients.

Caregivers, give care to the person with whom they are entrusted. Typical examples include a son or daughter caring for their mother, a wife cares for her husband. There are also nurses, paid caregivers and others that fulfill the role of caregiver – ensuring the well being and care of the patient. They can handle household chores, prepare meals, manage medications and even speak to doctors and nurses on behalf of those that they care for. 

Caregivers interact with the Portal to perform everyday tasks like:

  • View Caring For, add Medical Condition, add Allergy, add Prescription
  • Edit own profile
  • Invite/Add Patient
  • Voice / video call Patient

Every caregiver must be authenticated; not all caregivers have access to all functions. Depending on the health and status of the patient, caregiver or physician permissions may be required to access the patient portal.

Patient Role

The patient role is designated to the person under care. The senior, chronic care patient or other person whose medications are stored and taken, at the right time, perhaps with a reminder prompt from RxPense Care. Patients are provided low cost access to the RxPense Care Portal.

Patients interact with the Portal to perform everyday tasks like:

  • Adding an OTC or other medication and reminder
  • Recording medical conditions, vitals and history
  • Editing own profile
  • Responding to a health survey
  • Inviting a Health Care Provider, family member, friend, etc. to Circle of Care
  • Video Conferencing with another person in their circle of care

Every patient must be authenticated; not all patients have access to all functions. Depending on the health and status of the patient, caregiver or physician permissions may be required to access the patient portal.

RxPense® Care Surveys

In addition to monitoring and administering capabilities, the RxPense portal can deliver custom-configured surveys to the Patient. Before or After dispensing the medications, patients can be asked simple or more advanced questions about their well-being, health or consumption habits.

rxpense survey setupCaregivers set up the survey online in the portal, to be delivered at specific times, to 1 or many patients. Data collected may be stored with the patient profile or anonymized for further, confidential analysis and processing.

Surveys are displayed to the patient on their mobile phone, tablet or any web accessible device. patients may respond by tapping the appropriate answer or using their voice to indicate their choice.

survey rxpense
Surveys may be a simple as a single yes/no question or as complex as ratings and conditional display logic conditions. Consolidated reports are available to the administrator with a simple click.

rxpense survey results

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

21 CFR Part 11 regulations set forth the criteria under which the FDA considers electronic records, electronic signatures, and handwritten signatures executed to electronic records to be trustworthy, reliable, and generally equivalent to paper records and handwritten signatures executed on paper. This part applies to records in electronic form that are created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved, or transmitted, under any records requirements set forth in agency regulations. This part also applies to electronic records submitted to the agency under requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Public Health Service Act, even if such records are not specifically identified in agency regulations. However, this part does not apply to paper records that are, or have been, transmitted by electronic means.

The software development methodology and quality system that is in place at Medipense along with the functionalities of the cloud-based software have been reviewed for ability to comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11.  The conclusion is that the software is part 11 ready and if configured properly by the client will meet 21 CFR part 11 expectations for compliance.

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