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RxPense Care Portal Patient Registration

RxPense Care Portal Patient Registration Form

Registering a patient for an account on the RxPense Portal is simple. Purchase a subscription, then register yourself and your caregivers.

  • Step 1: Purchase your RxPense Portal subscription by requesting a Quote. Record the Order number or save a copy of your proof of purchase.
  • Step 2:Complete this RxPense Care Portal Patient Registration Form and submit it so we may properly validate your account and then set it up. You will be sent an email invitation from the RxPense portal as soon as your account has been established.

Too complicated? Call or chat with us and we will help you! Remember, Clinician access is FREE. Clinicians should register here.


RxPense® Care

RxPense® Care is our software based service, to help you manage your medications, help caregivers and clinicians to monitor you and to help family member remain connected and updated with your adherence data.

Complete this form after you have selected and purchased the appropriate package by Requesting a Quote. We will use the information you provide to setup your new RxPense Portal account, to validate your entries and to record authorized permissions.

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