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RxPense a Success at the AQPP

Helping seniors take medications, on time, every time, RxPense®, an intelligent and connected medication management and remote monitoring solution demonstrated live at the AQPP conference in Quebec City.

Medipense is pleased to announce the huge success of its launch at the AQPP. RxPense®, the IoT connected, medication management and remote patient monitoring solution, specifically designed for seniors or those suffering from chronic disease not only opened a lot of eyes, but actually resulted in sales and pilot projects throughout Quebec.


The RxPense® Hub, which automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled blister packaged medications, increases medication adherence, reduces hospital admissions, provides better patient outcomes thereby reducing the $300 Billion cost of medication non-adherence in North America. With robust security, support for telemedicine and connected sensors, the RxPense® also allows healthcare providers and caregivers to access real-time health data via the Cloud.

RxPense®, designed in Quebec and manufactured in Canada, is a truly innovative product which robotically opens medications provided in Dispill®, Distrimedic or other blister packaging filled by pharmacists.

It’s only fitting that we launch the RxPense in Quebec, at the annual convention of l’Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP), with our Quebec distribution partner Rx-V, experts in pharmacy solutions.

Roger Simard, founder of Pharmacie 3.0, AKA Inspector Gadget, a major proponent of digital health, referred to by some experts as the “Steve Jobs” of Canada, was keen to include RxPense in his keynote address.

“Rx-V is thrilled to be associated with Medipense” stated Frédéric Poirier, President of Rx-V,” and is especially honored to represent Medipense at this important product launch at the AQPP in Quebec City.”

Seniors are notified when it is time to take their medications and may then release their dose by swiping their security tag or entering their PIN code on the large touch screen display. Medications are then provided in an opened package making it easy for seniors to consume. Instructions are displayed until the senior confirms that they have taken their medications.

Pharmacists across the region had a keen interest in the advanced RxPense® medication management system and saw it in operation at the AQPP.  Graeme Maag, demonstrates the RxPense live at the AQPP.

RxPense®, the most secure, connected and senior-friendly device not only dispenses medications, but also records consumption and patient health through wearable sensors. A complete audit trail is uploaded to the Cloud and made available to authorized caregivers and health care providers.

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