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RxPense® PaniqueTM – Personal Emergency Response System​

  • Panic Button
  • Emergency Response
  • 24×7 Support for Seniors
  • Wearable Fall Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • No Phone Line Required

New: Wearable Panic Button and Fall Detector for In-home Use

With up to 80% of seniors experiencing falls, what can be better than automatically notifying caregivers whenever a fall occurs? This new personal security and safety accessory, Panique, works with the RxPense Hub to connect seniors with their caregivers. The PaniqueTM pendant can be clipped onto the senior’s clothing or worn like a necklace and can be used as a standard panic button or combined with automated fall detection. Each unit uniquely identifies the senior.


Remaining at home, safe, mobile and independent are major concerns of our aging population. Studies have concluded that seniors want to stay at home longer but remaining healthy requires the support of caregivers. When seniors do not take their medications properly, they may become more seriously ill or fall.

It is estimated that 80% of all hospitalization for seniors are due to falls, many of which are due to medication non-adherence. Last year, over 1 million seniors who experienced falls in North America were hospitalized. Millions more experienced falls but did not report it. Shockingly, the long term prognosis is not good following such an event. Alone in their home or residence and immobile, it is hard to imagine the pain and suffering our loved ones endure.

So, what can we do to make this a reality?

When seniors remain on their medications and are adherent to the schedule and dose, the likelihood of a fall is greatly reduced.  For seniors living alone, a technology-based assistive device can help them remain adherent, and enable them to notify emergency support and caregivers in the event of a fall.

The RxPense takes care of reminding seniors to take their medications and notifies caregivers and family member in the event of a missed dose. It prevents double dosing and overdosing and serves as a home health hub collecting vitals and communicating with health care professionals. Now, the RxPense can also receive voice and panic button alerts and can notify the appropriate first responders.

Panique™, a personal safety accessory & monitoring service

​Panique™ is our featured accessory which functions as a panic button and fall detector. The senior wears this device or places it in their pocket. Should they require immediate assistance, they can press the button to alert the RxPense of an emergency. Should the senior fall, the device automatically transmits the event. Medipense maintains a 24×7 monitoring service which identifies the patient, can call back directly through the RxPense with voice or video conference, or reach the patient and caregivers by phone. The service will notify the appropriate caregivers to assist the senior.

How Does Panique™ Work?

Emergency Alert is Generated: Senior presses the button on their pendant, or a fall is detected and automatically generates the signal. If the senior is within range of the RxPense, a voice trigger may activate.

Emergency Alert is Received: The alert is received at our cloud based service center, decoded to identify the emergency, the client, the device and location.

Emergency Service Center Contacts: The service center immediately notifies the patient, their caregiver or family member with the details.

Emergency Response: As determined by the service center protocol, if a caregiver is not able to attend to the patient, or determines the gravity of the situation so warrants, the caregiver may initiate a 911 call to have Emergency First Responders dispatched. This may include the fire department, paramedics, ambulance, police or local EMS responders.

What does Panique™ Cost?

A small incremental cost is added to your monthly RxPense service fee. Depending on ownership, rental or leasing options, the monthly fee for the Panique™ service may be as low as $10.

Panique™ offers
⇐ Fall Detection
Button Pressed ⇒

notifications to the RxPense. Alerts are then sent to Caregivers and Emergency Contacts by SMS and Email

Is A Wearable Fall Detector My Best Option?

Every 13 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 20 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.

Falls are a main cause of morbidity and disability in the elderly. While the causes are well-known (decline in fitness, impaired vision, medication non-adherence…), fall detection is very difficult. A typical fall may be characterized by a multi-step process: bump or slip, drop on knee, forward on hand or elbow, body on ground, head on ground. That means standard wearable fall detectors may not trigger, or worse, falsely trigger. Picking up a tv remote control on the floor might be sufficient for some wearable detectors to falsely trigger. Wearing a fall detector on your wrist may trigger if your hand slips off the couch during a nap.

The conclusion at Medipense is that wearable fall detectors are not appropriate for many seniors. A Panic button is very useful. A GPS tracker is also useful especially for those seniors with cognitive impairments. A wearable fall detector outdoors, may have value but within the home or residence, a better, non-wearable monitoring solution is required. Happily, room sensing technologies have improved to the point where AI and signal processing can intelligently sense, detect and report a fall. 


  1. National Council on Aging (NCOA). “Falls Prevention Facts.” Web. 2015.

Seniors FallsThe PaniqueTM accessory and monitoring service uses the connected features of the RxPense to ensure help is available when needed. It works like a personal security device with a panic button and fall detector. It communicates these alerts exclusively with the RxPense.

Should an alert be generated, your list of emergency contacts and first responders are notified 24×7. No exorbitant monthly sim card fees, no telephone line required, no setup fees. PaniqueTMis perfect for the at-home or in-residence senior.

The RxPense® allows seniors to remain at home longer, safely monitored remotely by health care professionals.

Panique™ Features

  • Emergency Help: Pressing the Emergency Help button immediately notifies your emergency contacts that you need help.
  • Automatic Fall Detection: Automatic Fall Detection with built-in sensors will notify caregivers of your emergency, even when you can not.
  • RxPense RFID Tag: The Panique can also serve as your secure identification when it is time to take your medications. When prompted, simply tap the pendant on the RxPense Unlock symbol and your dose will be dispensed as scheduled.
  • 100% Waterproof: Lightweight and waterproof. Can be worn in the shower or bath.
  • 300+ ft. Range: Panique can transmit to the RxPense throughout your condo, apartment, residence or home. The range is sufficient to broadcast into most back yards and gardens outside the home.
  • 3 Year Battery Life: Designed to last up to 3 years without a battery replacement.

Where is Panique™ Available?

Currently Panique™ service is available in select provinces across Canada and will be gradually introduced into other areas as we deploy RxPense units.

How Can I Get More Information?

Contact Medipense and we will respond very quickly.


Better Home Health Monitoring

Medipense is pushing the homecare technology envelope to facilitate the secure delivery of health-related services and information. Existing systems provide disparate sensors to monitor blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, weight and other life signals often with multiple mobile apps, tablets or independent devices. However, Medipense consolidates all these sensors and readings with a common user interface and adds automatic pill dispensing and an audit trail, telemedicine, video conferencing and secure communications capabilities to the equation.

RxPense® is a new generation device and online monitoring service featuring the latest communications and display technologies. It automates the dispensing of medications, through a patented process, to reduce the risk of medication non-compliance, prolong life and quality time spent at home.

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