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Milestone Reached: First Manufactured RxPense rolls off Assembly Line

Montreal, Quebec, September 14, 2017–Medipense is proud to announce the first RxPense model has rolled off the assembly line, in time for scheduled demonstrations and clinical trials.

Medipense is proud to announce the completion of the first RxPense® manufactured unit, which recently rolled off the assembly line in Canada, on schedule.

“I’m so proud to finally see the RxPense® Nova17 manufactured and assembled, in a clean, secure, ISO and Lean environment. Named for the birth of a new generation in medication dispensing in 2017, The Nova17 is for those who struggle staying adherent to multiple medications.” Stated Terry Fagen, President and Founder of Medipense.

While the world seems preoccupied with Artificial Intelligence, we at Medipense are focused on Real Intelligence. Real data, solid data, consistent data drives innovation. When AI meets RI, the RxPense® is ready!

The RxPense® is a truly Canadian product. Not just engineered in Canada but Made in Canada as well. The effort of brilliant, multilingual software, hardware, industrial and mechanical engineers in Québec and Ontario, the RxPense® is the first, patented, innovative medication management and remote monitoring solution to manage and dispense standard blister packaged medications. It’s unique combination of robotics, intelligence and software make the RxPense® a perfect dispensing solution for long-term care, residences and home.

“We’ve made life simpler for caregivers, with a 15 second medication load time”, stated Graeme Maag, Medipense Chief Product Officer.

“Caregivers and health care providers have enough to worry about, caring for multiple patients, monitoring their health, well-being and medication consumption. The RxPense® relieves the burden with simple loading, simple dispensing, bullet-proof security and online monitoring.”

The RxPense® has an extensive online Cloud component, the RxPense® Portal. Monitoring organizations, departments, floors, wings, rooms, devices and patients located anywhere in the world though a simple, easy to use interface. Multilevel security ensures only those authorized are allowed access to multitude of features. PIPEDA compliant, with HIPAA compliance when we enter the USA, the RxPense® Portal was built from the ground up to support administrators, through patients, each with their own unique needs.

“We realized early-on that just manufacturing a smart pill dispenser was not sufficient. In a single-payer healthcare environment, assigning, deploying, managing, monitoring and reporting on devices and patients, whether in a single facility or geographically dispersed across many, was equally important”, stated Bill Rasmussen, Medipense Chief Information Officer.

“Patients need a better way to take their medications while administrators, health care providers and caregivers need a better way to monitor and mange their patients. The RxPense® Portal enables this access, from any platform, anywhere.”

At this time the RxPense® will enter clinical trials in Canada first, followed by the USA. We are excited to embark on the next phase of the RxPense® development schedule culminating in a full commercial release in 2018.

About Medipense

Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, intelligent and connected medication therapy management and remote monitoring system designed for Seniors, Chronic Care Patients, Disabled Veterans, and those with complex medication regimens.



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