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MedLokrTM – The Secure Medication Dispenser
  • Secure, Tamper Resistant
  • Authenticated Access & Control
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Full Audited Dispensing
  • Video & Image recording
  • Controlled Dispensing Cycles

The world’s most advanced, secured and monitored pill dispenser is now available

MedLokrTM is locked, rugged, water-resistant and tamper-proof, securing medications, or other high value items, and preventing unauthorized access. User authentication is robust. Data encryption and privacy ensures only those authorized, can access the MedLokrTM and the RxPense Portal.

Facing problems of theft, underdosing or overdosing of high potency or OTC medications?

Lock them up with the most secure dispenser, proudly made in Canada. Why are opioids disappearing? Lack of of security. Lack of control. Lack of penalty. Every time controlled drugs go missing from a pharmacy, hospital, transport company or other facility, details about the loss must be reported to Health Canada within 10 days.

Need a better way to track and deliver meds, edibles or vitamins?

In the USA, CNN recently reported: Opioid shortages leave US hospitals scrambling. Could this be due to theft? MedLokrTM is the product you need.

MedLokrTM is Different

MedLokrTM is secure and dispenses pre-opened pouches to authorized individuals. Do you need to track high value medications? MedLokrTM not only validates the user, but captures their image along with other relevant information. Ask questions, record video, audio or text and store a complete audit trail in the cloud.

Perfect for REHAB centers, Police, Court, Schools and even home, the MedLokrTM enforces dispensing and frequency rules, only dispensing the right meds to the right person at the specified time.


MedLokrTM is Secure

  • Vitamin, pill or medication dispensing, student follow up and remote monitoring, data capture and reporting
  • Voice biometrics, RFID bracelet or PIN code to authenticate
  • Reduced errors and mistakes, complete audit trail 
  • Send alerts and notifications to administrators
  • Controlled release, timed dispensing intervals
  • Cloud based monitoring and reporting
  • Record videos and images of consumption
  • Locked, Solid, Holds up to 56 individual products and tracks dispensing
  • May be bolted or secured to counter or table

MedLokrTM Features

Monitoring, diagnosis and support are only as good as the data they can access. MedLokrTM collected adherence and consumption information, along with access logs, images and video to ensure the right pills are dispensed to the right person at the right time. A complete audit trail is maintained for each user.



Physical security including hardened casing, locking mechanism, contents hidden from open view. Virtual security requires authenticated access.

Advanced Authentication

Controlled access requires authentication by RFID Tag, PIN, Username/password  or Voice biometrics. Facial recognition coming soon.

Video & Photo Evidence

Video and images are recorded for all dispensing operations. See who took what and when. Videos are remotely accessible in the portal.

RxPense Portal Integration

Integrated with the RxPense Portal, all your data is safe and private. Only those authorized can authenticate and view the audit trail, dispensing history and access logs.


Tracking & Recording

Record your name, location, time and date, purpose of consumption, intended recipient. Complete surveys or questions before or after dispensing.


Notifications & Alerts

In the event of an anomaly, vandalism or consumption, administrators are notified by email or SMS.

MedLokrTM is a ruggedized and hardened product, similar to the RxPense but without patient data, PHI, or multidose prescription tracking, monitoring and dispensing. It is not a dedicated medication dispenser, rather, it is a secure dispensing appliance, an IoT connected vault.

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