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Medipense year in review, a brief look back over the past 12 months

2016 – Talk about a disruptive year – advances in digital health made more data available to more people including Health Care Providers. It put Patients Like Me in the driver’s seat. The myriad of health sensors from companies like Withings, Hexoskin and Philips and Validic, Human API and Tactio making it easy to interconnect have boosted Digital Health from a theory to a reality. The IoT included medical devices.

As Dr. Eric Topol so eloquently wrote, The Patient Will See You Now is fast becoming the new reality. Evangelists like Roger Simard are converting the slow movers, the government folks, the hesitant, one pharmacist at a time. In a world with physician shortages and restrictive access, why not let someone closer and more accessible to the patient, like the pharmacist, have more responsibility? Let’s develop more tools to enable those that can, to do.

Enabling technologies like IBM Watson are bringing the world’s intelligence to any physician, in any country or remote region. The best care can reach a patient, in seconds. Enter Figure 1, an amazing Instagram for doctors application that has amassed over 1 million physicians who can instantly and securely post anonymized images and receive collaboration from experts all around the world. Founded by fellow Canadians, going global very quickly.

Health care is on the verge of a major paradigm shift, resulting in better patient outcomes at a lower cost. Patients receive more effective care, employers experience reduced premiums and payors realize substantial savings. This is the only way to sustain our healthcare infrastructure in a rapidly aging society.

— Terry Fagen, President, Medipense Inc.

Research shows that patients with congestive heart failure spend $7,823 less on health care annually if they stay on their prescribed medications. With over 4.5 billion prescriptions written each year and less than 45% of seniors being compliant, we are left with a $317B USD medication adherence problem. Today, medication adherence should be the norm and that’s why I founded Medipense and developed the RxPense Hub and surrounding ecosystem.

We began the move towards value-based care. The focus of this type of care is the patient and what the patient needs, rather than the traditional supply driven system of what the physician does.

Value-based care can only be accomplished if manufacturers, payors, health care providers and patients all come together in something beyond the cloud, perhaps we should coin the phrase, the Sky. My wish, in 2017 is that payors, patients, health care providers and governments will work together to eradicate disease, eliminate non-adherence and learn to share important data for the betterment of society. Location does not matter. The sky is the limit.

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