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RxPense®, the Best Pill Dispenser for Seniors, unveils Panique™, an integrated fall detector and personal security device at MedTech Conference

Medipense launches Panique™, a new wireless fall detector and panic button connected to the RxPense®, the most secure and automated pill dispenser for seniors or chronic disease patients. Live demonstrations to be performed at the MedTech Conference in Boston, September 22-24, 2019

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 2, 2019. Medipense is proud to announce live demonstrations of the RxPense® smart pill dispenser and launch a new integrated accessory product, Panique™, at the MedTech Conference in Boston, September 22-24, 2019. The most connected, secure, automated, best pill dispenser for seniors or chronic disease patients will be demonstrated live in the Canadian Pavilion, Quebec area of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in booth #143.

“The RxPense® is a new generation in secure medication dispensing for those who struggle staying adherent to multiple medications. Our research has shown the need for better support of seniors consuming multiple medications, who may experience falls. We’ve succeeded in expanding the RxPense® to directly receive fall and panic notifications and to immediately notify caregivers, administrators and family members.” Stated Terry Fagen, President and Founder of Medipense.

The RxPense® exemplifies innovation in digital health with a comprehensive suite of communications capabilities ranging from caregiver alerts for missed doses to video conferencing that enables real time telemedicine. The RxPense® is a highly secure system that uses industry standard, pharmacist-filled and sealed blister packs contained in a locked device that requires user authentication to access medications.

English? French? Spanish? Not a problem! The RxPense® operates in your preferred language and switches automatically based on user preference.

The RxPense® is a connected device which self-programs up to 2 weeks’ scheduled doses and ensures only the right senior can take the right medications at the right time. User authentication includes voice biometrics, pin codes, RFID and passwords. Completely programmable alerts, extensive remote monitoring of one or thousands with a simple, polished HIPAA-compliant portal.

Panique™ is a new panic button and fall detector, connected to the RxPense® pill dispenser. No phone line is required. No SIM card required. Panique™ wirelessly communicates directly to the RxPense. With up to 80% of seniors experiencing falls, what can be better than automatically notifying caregivers whenever a fall occurs? This new service works with the RxPense® to connect seniors with their caregivers. The Panique™ pendant can be clipped onto the senior’s clothing or worn like a necklace. Each unit uniquely identifies the senior.

Payors can now better monitor patient populations. Governments can better manage health care expenditures. Patients can feel secure in knowing there is help when needed.

About Medipense

Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, intelligent and connected medication therapy management and remote monitoring system designed for Seniors, Chronic Care Patients and those with complex medication regimens. https://medipense.com

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