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Medipense Expands Again!

Medipense is proud to announce the expansion of activities in Canada to coincide with the start of our clinical trials and commercialization phase. Just in time for the renewed effort in Canada to provide better care for our seniors and aging population, we have started new alliances and are in the process of bringing more engineering work in-house, hiring and expanding it’s offices to cope with the added capabilities.

Montreal, Qc, Canada July 2, 2018: MediPense is proud to announce the expansion of activities in Canada. The expansion of it’s office in Montreal is underway, along with a major new contract manufacturing alliance for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), an increased research and development initiative, local engineering and assembly ensure the RxPense remains a truly “Made in Canada” product. We are proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of health technology solutions for our aging population.

Medipense started as a Quebec-based manufacturer with all our R&D and engineering activities centered in our LaSalle, QC facility. We then evaluated contract manufacturing in China, Quebec, South Carolina and Ontario for various phases of the RxPense manufacturing cycle. “After 2 years of testing and trials at various contract manufacturers, we have learned the strengths and weaknesses of each location, what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work” states Terry Fagen, President and Founder of Medipense. “It’s been a real life MBA experience!”

“To have a 100% reliable, made in Canada, medical device we have made the decision to focus on our greatest strengths internally and to minimize the outsourcing of major components. The smarts in our solution must always remain close to home.”

Terry elaborated that “Montreal has an amazing ecosystem for the smartest multilingual engineering talent. Particularly for prototyping and AI, Montreal is unparalleled. The benefits of developing in Montreal are not only technical, but financial. The most lucrative Scientific Research and Development tax credits in Canada are only available in Quebec. That’s why Quebec will remain the dominant force for SRED and New Product Development.”

Terry continued, “I’ve met some really bright entrepreneurs and physicians and there is a strong desire to collaborate to bring even more Canadian brilliance to our aging population.” Dr. Brett Belchetz, CEO of Maple Corporation, an innovative Canadian telemedicine platform based in Toronto, Ontario, is aiming to integrate with the RxPense® over the next product release. We are also looking to partner with other firms in the AI space to enhance our product roadmap.

Medipense is proud to partner with our fellow Canadian colleagues to bring better care to those who need it most. RxPense® users will now have one-touch and “voice-biometric” access to a Canadian physician, within minutes.

As a manufacturer of highly engineered products, we have learned where best to leverage Canada’s capabilities. We are proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated, and to focus our expertise and product development where best results are obtained.

About Medipense
Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, intelligent and connected medication management and remote monitoring system designed for Seniors, Chronic Care Patients, Disabled Veterans, Indigenous Peoples and those with complex medication regimens. Made in Canada, conçu au Québec.

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