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Medipense Exhibits at CES 2018

Jan 9th-12th, 2018. What an amazing week at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. We exhibited in Eureka Park, Health and Biotech area, reserved for new start-up and innovations. The week started off a little stressful with the FDA holding up the RxPense. We shipped the week earlier, but as of 1pm on the starting day of the show, we had nothing to show. Further investigation revealed that the hold up was not the RxPense demonstration unit, considered a class 1 device, rather it was a second box which shipped with it, of standard samples of blister packaging which we pre-filled with candies! Who knew M&M’s were an agricultural threat to America.

Medipense with Dominique Anglade at ces2018Luckily, we had everything set-up and operating 30 minutes before our first dignitary arrived for a demonstration. Dominique Anglade, Deputy Prime Minister of Quebec, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy.

Following the successful demonstration were close to 100 seriously interested businesses and consumers. Of course, one must contend with a multitude of floor walkers trying to sell us something, but overall, the quality of participants was extremely high. From Amazon, Google, Samsung, Lenovo, Philips, Kaiser-Permanente, United Health, Met Life, Aetna, Chartwell, Revera, pretty much every payor, hospital and managed care facility. Delegations from Taiwan, France, China, Australia and Canada spent a lot of time with us. Our very own, home town wearable clothing partners from Hexoskin even popped by for a visit. Sometimes you need to travel thousands of miles to meet someone from your own back yard.

Learning about the RxPense and the innovative feature set, one person actually cried when she realized how the RxPense could help her father, and herself in caring for her father. Of course, it took Graeme Maag’s unique story telling skills to bring this about!

The most common comment at our booth: “I need this for my Father or Mother”. The second most common comment: “keeping someone medication adherent even one day longer, will save us tens of thousands of dollars of hospitalization costs”.

CES was a truly amazing show for Medipense to demonstrate the RxPense live. We’ve got lots to follow-up, meetings to attend, contracts to complete and orders to fill. 2018 is starting off to be a super year!

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