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Medipense Partners to provide consolidated medication history and vitals for seniors

Montreal, Quebec, September 21, 2017–Medipense is proud to announce live demonstrations and launch of its innovative medication management and remote monitoring device, the RxPense Nova17 and integration with smart clothing manufacturer, Hexoskin, at the MedTech Conference.

Medipense is proud to announce live demonstrations of its innovative medication management and remote monitoring device, the RxPense model Nova17, launching at the MedTech Conference next week in San Jose, California. The most connected, secure, automated pill dispenser for seniors or chronic disease patients will be demonstrated live by its founder, Terry Fagen.

“I’m so proud to officially launch the RxPense Nova17, the birth of a new generation in medication dispensing, for those who struggle staying adherent to multiple medications.” Stated Terry Fagen, President and Founder of Medipense.

 The RxPense Nova17 provides a plethora of unique features including a comprehensive suite of communications capabilities ranging from caregiver alerts for missed doses to video conferencing that enables real time telemedicine. The RxPense NOVA17 is a highly secure system that uses industry standard, pharmacist-filled and sealed blister packs contained in a locked device that requires user authentication to access medications.

In addition, MediPense has partnered with another amazing local company, Hexoskin, to show how integrated intelligent clothing can provide real-time health data including vitals such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate etc… at the time of medication consumption. Hexoskin apparel, traditionally used by athletes and astronauts can readily be worn by seniors, veterans and patients with chronic conditions.   Medipense has successfully integrated the data captured by Hexoskin, via Bluetooth to our RxPense Nova17 unit. The data is then encrypted and securely uploaded to the patient portal for consolidation with their medication adherence data. Physicians, caregivers and health care provides can now view a complete picture of the monitored senior. Medication history, health data, prescriptions, vital signs and consumption all presented in one, easy to view, portal page.

Payors can now better monitor patient populations. Governments can better manage health care expenditures. Patients can feel secure in knowing someone is there when they need help.

The benefits are enormous! Come visit us at the MedTech Conference, San Jose McEnery Convention Center Booth 1027, and see the new RxPense Nova17 and Hexoskin live.

About Hexoskin

Hexoskin is the world leader in smart clothing for health monitoring. Hexoskin smart shirts are used by thousands of athletes, trainers, and health professionals all over the world, and provide a new, convenient way to understand human health in real-life environments. In addition to serving its clients in sports science and health research, Hexoskin is a supplier of smart clothing for aerospace and military organisations in many countries, including the United States.


About Medipense

Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, intelligent and connected medication therapy management and remote monitoring system designed for Seniors, Chronic Care Patients, Disabled Veterans, and those with complex medication regimens.



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