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Medipense at CES 2019

The Computer Electronics Show was a major success for Medipense this year. Meeting seniors with medication adherence needs, property developers looking to supply the latest in technology with seniors focus, Google, Verily, Amazon, Samsung, HMOs, Insurers, Hospitals, and Government officials made for some interesting conversations.

Medipense Booth 51324 at CES 2019, Sands Exhibition Hall, Las Vegas, NV

It seems like everyone is waking up to the scientifically-proven fact: our society is aging and we need to take action now. Every manufacturer and researcher are developing innovative solutions to meet our growing needs. Whether they include automation, remote monitoring, telemedicine, AI or assistive technologies to increase medication adherence, the market is rapidly growing.

Graeme Maag demonstrating the RxPense at CES 2019

The RxPense demonstrations brought smiles to the audience, everyone with similar statements: “I really need this for my mother” or “we had so much trouble ensuring my father took his medications, I wish the RxPense was available last year”. Our team was passionate about the need for medication adherence and why the RxPense is the best pill dispenser for seniors.

When asked, How is the RxPense different than other dispensers on the market we summarized:

The RxPense® is the only device which secures (physically and with biometric identification, pin and password) stores and automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled and sealed, weekly multi-dose blister-packaged medications such as DisPill™ and others, through a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence.

  • Where other packaging, like strip, pouch or pillpak, are limited to a maximum of 5 medications, the blister-packaging used by the RxPense® can hold up to 15 medications per dose!
  • RxPense® is the only dispenser to securely store skipped or missed doses, reducing the risk of over-consumption.
  • With the RxPense® you can keep your current pharmacy! Any pharmacy can supply and deliver medications for the RxPense®. Don’t be limited to specialty mail-order pharmacies.
  • RxPense® is an enterprise-grade, robust, secure, and adaptive multilingual (English, French, Spanish) pill dispenser supporting native language preferences of patients, caregivers and health care professionals.
  • Absolutely no manual filling of medications into dispenser, containers, boxes or drums. No programming required. No underdosing. No overdosing. Fully recorded audit trail.
  • For organizations or businesses with many locations, wards, patients to manage, the RxPense Portal can provide the real-time monitoring and reporting you need, regardless of your organizational structure or number of patients.

Demonstrating the RxPense to the Honorable Pierre Fitzgibbon, Québec Minister of Economy and Innovation, and Elizabeth MacKay, Delegate, Québec Government Office in LA and Silicon Valley.

It still amazes me how much easier it is to meet government officials at foreign trade shows, than it is at home. Everyone seems to have more time to talk, without too many distractions. It is always great to meet fellow Canadians and Québecers when we exhibit in the USA. We learn about new initiatives, programs and opportunities and they learn about the made in Canada, engineered in Québec, RxPense.

We are off to a good start for 2019. Manufacturing is underway, clinical trails about to start, customers around the globe waiting patiently. Stay tuned for more great news soon.

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