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Medicine 2.0: Digitizing the Doctor’s Office

Have you ever sat around waiting around for a doctor all day? Or wasted hours upon hours in the waiting room? All of that can end today, thanks to MDLIVE. MDLIVE is a digital doctor’s office leading the way in the telehealth community.

It’s a service that allows patients to speak to a doctor by video link, giving them full access to health care without having to book an afternoon off work or leave the comfort of their home. This form of telehealth could benefit seniors, business women and men and those that don’t have time or access to go to a doctor’s office. It’s really quite easy to use. Start by creating an account, choose a board-certified doctor or therapist and receive your care, wherever you are.

It’s 24/7 which is a nice touch for those urgently trying to get care in the middle of the night. It’s also fairly cost effective and charges you only $49 or less per visit. But why go online? Will a digital doctor really work? While it doesn’t work for emergency situations this is a great doctor for a myriad of problems.

They treat allergies, cough, ear problems, flu, nausea/vomiting, UTIs/Urinary problems, respiratory problems, sort throats, as well as other behavioral health problems including depression, addictions and more. This shift from doctor’s offices to the virtual offices will allow more convenient access to a doctor, greater control over one’s health information and the ability to better manage chronic health conditions.

Not only will these types of telehealth technologies aid in our treatments, but they will clear up emergency rooms and doctor’s offices for those in extreme emergency situations and allow those that want a diagnosis the ability to get what they need with accuracy and time effectiveness. You can also turn on this virtual service to receive a prescription renewal.

MDLIVE isn’t the only digital health technology making your life easier and more accessible. After getting your prescription, improve the accuracy and time commitment it takes to figure out prescriptions with RxPense®.

RxPense® is a dispensing device that automates delivery of medications at the right time, to the right patient. Whether you’re a health care professional using it at work or someone using it from their own residence, RxPense® is there to make your life easier. This form of integrated healthcare is using technology to not only improve treatments, but also allow them more accurately. In addition, the large touch screen display and integration high resolution video camera can connect you to your doctor online, via direct video chat, or through a variety of online services similar to MDLIVE.

RxPense® makes these features and third-party extensions available at the tap of your finger. You can digitize your healthcare experience for ease of use and accessibility and increase your convenience as a consumer.

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