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Medication Management

Medication management activities include prescription, selection, preparation and dispensing of medications to patients. Some definitions of medication management also include the administration and ongoing monitoring of patients. If one follows the path of a medication from the pharmaceutical source to the patient, one can see the many hands and potential source of errors. Ultimately, the patient needs to take the correct medication, at the specified time, consistently until done. Better medication management will yield improved outcomes.

What happens when this process is not followed? The issue of medication non-adherence is sometimes related to the lack of proper medication management. Medication non-adherence is the source of an estimated $290 billion in “otherwise avoidable medical spending” in the US per year. In not properly managing their medications, patients become sick and are re-admitted to hospital. About 10% of all re-admissions are as a result on medication non-adherence.

Another problem is persistence or staying on a prescribed medication for the intended duration of treatment. Persistence is the opposite of discontinuation and is critical for successfully managing chronic conditions.

To better manage medications, Medipense has developed the RxPense® product line. RxPense® is the only product which combines pill dispenser, scheduler, cloud and mobile apps with remote patient monitoring through wearable sensors. Patients take their medications on time. A nurse or caregiver can monitor the patient 24×7 and receive alerts to avert poor outcomes. Administrators have a full audit trail and record of medication adherence along with patient vitals.

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