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Markets – We Sell B2B

We sell B2B to managed care agencies, pharmacies, residences and facilities who cater to the world’s largest growing demographic – our seniors!

The Longevity Economy Outlook study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) reveals that the economic contribution from the 50-plus population in 2018 was worth $8.3 trillion and is expected to more than triple by 2050.

The 50-plus cohort is composed of 117.4 million people (35% of the total population). By 2030, this figure will rise to 132.3 million and, by 2050, 157.3 million people. The fastest growing age group is 85-plus; the second fastest is 100-plus. The economic contribution of the 50-plus population has a ripple effect which benefits the full economy and is good for everyone.

Business to Business (B2B)

The RxPense is sold B2B, to institutions, health/home care agencies and pharmacies with direct contact to patients in need. The reason is that primary end-users of RxPense® are seniors and chronic care patients, those who need assistance and monitoring. Additionally, in the home medical device market, buyers rely on expert advice when making a purchasing decision. These experts are their health care providers, caregivers, primary care physicians, their pharmacist and their healthcare insurance provider.

These  businesses can offer a multitude of lease, buy, rent scenarios consistent with existing medical product or large appliance purchases. In addition, the RxPense may be subsidized in Canada by some government agencies and insurers. In the USA, the Medicare Waiver program may defray the cost by subsidizing the purchase. In addition, recent Medicare changes have included billing codes, both one time and monthly, to be used to support telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Refer to our section on Reimbursement for specific details.

Businesses will provide training, support and maintenance of the RxPense directly to the end-user.

Remote patient monitoring is facilitated with the RxPense though video conference/telemedicine, alerts and notifications to patients as well as their caregivers and health care providers. Within the circle of care, access to the patient portal is provided, to and for each patient, loved one or facility.

End-Users (Consumers)

The RxPense® is the most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser specifically designed for seniors, seniors with dementia, elderly with physical impediments, chronic care patients, veterans, indigenous peoples regardless of their location. The RxPense® is the only device which secures(physically and with biometric identification, pin and password) stores and automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled and sealed, weekly multi-dose blister-packaged medications such as DisPill™, Distrimedic™, Eco-Pill™ and others, through a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence.

medication adherence solutions for seniorsEnd-users are typically provided with, or purchase an RxPense from a local business supporting the RxPense concept. This could be a pharmacy, a care agency or other institution like a hospital, residence or long-term care facility.

At Medipense, we are always looking for better ways to keep seniors at home longer. However, when the need arises, the RxPense® can follow the senior into their new residence or assisted living facility.

Explore our medication adherence solutions for Seniors in Residences and Long-term Care Facilities, Caregivers & Homecare Agencies, Rehab Centers, Pharmacies, Clinical Trials, Disabled Veterans, Indigenous Peoples, Hospitals, Schools and Seniors At Home.

If you are an end-user and would like to purchase an RxPense, contact us and we will direct your request to a local business or distribution partner.


RxPense® pricing varies from region to region and within markets depending on subsidies, insurance payments, Medicaid waivers, other payors, pharmacy affiliation and local distributors. In general, without subsidies, the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price is a $150 monthly subscription. This includes the RxPense® Hub, RxPense® Portal patient account, unlimited FREE clinician or caregiver portal accounts and secure data storage.

Agencies and distributors may sell for more, or less, depending on the product and services needed.

To explore relevant Medicare billing codes which may be applied towards RxPense billing, please visit our Reimbursement Strategies.

RxPense Pricing Hub + Portal

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