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Medipense’s goal is to become the largest manufacturer of practical medical devices supporting seniors, in an effort to keep folks out of the hospital, in their home longer and leading more comfortable and connected lives in residences and long term care facilities. We are all facing a new reality where the fastest growing segment of our population is seniors and seniors #1 goal is to remain at home longer, independent and healthy.

Our flagship product is the RxPense. No, it’s not just another pill dispenser, it’s a home health hub and management portal, that also dispenses medications. Click here to learn more about our unique selling proposition.

Medipense is always interested in discussing business, partnerships and investment (financial, technical, integration) opportunities with strategic partners. International distributors, medical device companies, medical sensor development companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, governments and payers are all ideal candidates complementing and accelerating the mission of Medipense.

From our home base in Montreal, Québec, Canada, AKA #WeTheNorth, we enjoy a close collaboration with the local engineering community and support from a myriad of government agencies. The best Research & Development incentives, healthcare, affordable universities, diverse, highly educated and multilingual workforce, Montreal also offers a vibrant ecosystem for innovation.

If you are interested in a frank, open and honest discussion, feel free to contact us to discuss new partnerships.

Terry Fagen, President
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