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Hand in Hand: The Power of Technology & Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our collective consciousness and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Think about your daily life. When and how are you connected to technology? Upon a little bit of reflection you’ll realize how often technology influences and informs you. From Google search results, to personalized advertising, technology and data analysis is all around us. There’s a certain synergy that has begun to happen in more ways than one and our technological experience is becoming more and more personal.

This amalgamation of technology into our lives can be as small as asking SIRI where to find the best sushi place when traveling to a foreign country or entering our symptoms online when sick. There are cars that drive and park themselves, facial recognition software, the list goes on. We are starting to harness the resources we receive through our connectivity. As we delve even deeper, we are truly starting to grasp the power of what we can achieve with AI.

For example, we’ve started developing technologies that aid in our medical work more than we could ever achieve on our lonesome. Take UCLA scientists, who have developed a microscope that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze cancer cells more accurately than humans. Currently doctors are adding biochemicals to blood samples to determine whether or not a cell is cancerous. Unfortunately this can damage the cells thus rendering them useless. The tables have turned thanks to this new AI microscope which images cells without damaging them and identifies cancerous cells with a 95% accuracy rate. Not only is this microscope reading data more accurately, but at a way faster rate than any human possibly could. That’s the kind of move towards technology that is not only making our lives easier, but longer and fuller.

This synergy between humans and machines is working to build more personal computing, with a shift of focus from data management to intelligent action. With so many helpful technological developments in the realm of medicines it’s about time we start using them. Don’t know how to take your medicine on time or properly? No problem. RxPense is the solution to your problems. Not only does it increase compliance, but it also makes for an easier and facilitated self-management experience as well as reduces errors. This isn’t just a piece of technology that informs you, it also creates more accurate self-medication. Let the prowess of AI bring you a longer, healthier life with RxPense.

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