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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pre-sales FAQ

Do you sell direct to consumers?
The RxPense is only sold B2B, to institutions, health/home care agencies and pharmacies with direct contact to patients in need. The reason is that primary end-users of RxPense® are seniors and chronic care patients, those who need assistance and monitoring. Additionally, in the home medical device market, buyers rely on expert advice when making a purchasing decision. These experts are their health care providers, caregivers, primary care physicians, their pharmacist and their healthcare insurance provider.
Why is the RxPense The Best Automated Pill Dispenser for Seniors?
  1. Keep your existing pharmacy & pharmacist: every pharmacy already does, or can easily fill blister packages with all your medications. Pharmacists can do this manually or with a special robot. As a senior, you benefit from consistency of dealing with a pharmacist who knows you, a pharmacy and pharmacist with whom you have already built a relationship. Other devices require specialty pharmacies to supply your meds, which may only seal up to 4 or 5 meds per package. RxPense on the other hand uses blister packaging, sealed by the pharmacist which may hold up to 15 meds per dose.
  2. Monitor and Improve Adherence, facilitates medication reconciliation: the RxPense improves adherence by reminding you to take your meds and notifies your caregiver or circle of care team when you do not. All medications, schedule, doses and details are available at the touch of a button, to allow your pharmacist to perform a MedsCheck or medication reconciliation.
  3. Emergency Help, when needed: Tapping support or emergency information on the RxPense displays a complete picture of your health, medications, history and contact details of your caregivers. Use of Panique, our panic button and fall detector accessory further ensures those who need to know, are notified.
  4. Prevent theft, under-consumption or over-dosing: the RxPense is locked and requires authentication to open, consume meds or operate. Medication dose times are respected and additional doses or incorrect dose times are prevented. Meds that have already been skipped or missed, remain inside, locked and will not be dispensed.
  5. Circle of Care: maintains close connections with family, friends, physicians, pharmacists, clinicians and caregivers. The important people in your life are always connected. They receive alerts when you don’t take your pills, panic or fall. They can log into the portal to review your adherence and view any vitals collected from third-party wearables or devices. [More…]
How Much Does the RxPense Cost?

RxPense® pricing varies from region to region and within markets depending on subsidies, insurance payments, Medicaid waivers, other payors, pharmacy affiliation and local distributors. In general, without subsidies, the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price is a $150 monthly subscription. This includes the RxPense® Hub, RxPense® Portal patient account, unlimited FREE clinician or caregiver portal accounts and secure data storage.

Agencies and distributors may sell for more, or less, depending on the product and services needed.

To explore relevant Medicare billing codes which may be applied towards RxPense billing, please visit our Reimbursement Strategies.

What if I don't need a pill dispenser? I only need reminders to help me take my medications.

RxPense® Care is our software as a service (SaaS) that helps you better manage your medications, helps caregivers and clinicians to better monitor you and helps family and circle of care members remain connected and updated with your adherence data. We offer this as a monthly subscription service starting at $10.

With the RxPense Care, you can track and manage medications stored in vials, blister packs, sachets, bottles or inhalers. Simply enter your prescription online and you, and your caregivers, will receive automated alerts and notifications to promote better adherence.

Is connectivity always required to operate the RxPense Hub?
No, the device is capable of operating without internet for as long as the validity of the medications loaded. An internet connection is only mandatory while loading the blister packs (or during the initialization of the device). However, to be able to enjoy the all the functionalities of our systems, a continuous internet connection is required. – Video conferencing, remote notifications and reminders, Panique alerts, Vital signs submission, adherence logging in the Portal, device location, etc.
What type of network connections are available for the device?
WiFi, Ethernet, LTE USB dongle
Where can I buy the RxPense?

If you are an institution, long-term care or seniors residence, pharmacy or other business, contact us to request a quote.

Can data be exported from the device/portal?
Yes, data can be exported from the portal. Some data like Emergency Information containing the patient’s profile, can be emailed to members of the circle of care directly from the RxPense Hub. Other information like adherence or survey reports can be exported after logging into the Portal. A detailed Audit trail of all the device and portal activity can be exported as a CSV file.

Additionally, the Reports tab filters groups of patients based on selected criteria. For example, list all patients with a specific medical condition and/or medication. These reports can also be exported or printed.

How many blister packs does the RxPense support?
Two blister packs can be loaded at the same time on the RxPense. Depending on the patient’s medication requirements, the device allows to load any variation of blister packages. For example, load 2 packages of scheduled or PRN medications or a week of scheduled meds and 1 package of PRN meds.
Is a specialty or restricted pharmacy required to supply meds or fill the packaging?
No, any pharmacy can fill compatible blister packaging with no capital investment. For larger pharmacies, automated filling robots are available. The RxPense can integrate with most pharmacy-based management software or patient data/prescriptions can be entered manually in the RxPense Portal
From where does the information on the blister package label originate?
The label information is created from the patient profile and prescription data. This data is usually provided by the pharmacy automation software, the blister package manufacturer’s software or a third-party consolidator’s software like CubiPharma which bridges the gap to most pharmacy solutions. The RxPense fully integrates with CubiPharma to automatically load the patient details and medication dispensing times into the RxPense. Without any pharmacy software, data can be entered manually in the RxPense Portal. The pharmacy fills the blister pack, prints and affix the label, and provides it to the patient.
Is the software that helps the pharmacy create the blister packages and manage patients included?

Most pharmacies use their existing software to manage patients’ medications. Depending on the brand, it may already interface directly with the RxPense Portal. If not, the pharmacy may use an integrator like CubiPharma to provide the integration.

Depending on the contract, this may be included with the purchase of RxPense devices or purchased separately.

Who’s responsible for loading the blister packs?
It depends, If the patient is capable, they could do it. If not, the medication will be loaded by a Caregiver, a delivery person (if trained), a nurse or personal support worker. Since the device may hold up to 2 weeks’ worth of medications, it usually only needs reloading once per week. After 1 package is depleted, the second package begins dispensing so you have a full week to replace the first package.
Is the user required to consent to sharing and use of information?
Yes, all users are required to accept the Terms and Conditions before they can use our products (RxPense Hub or Portal). In addition, users are required to consent to share profile and emergency information, reminders, alerts, SMS messages etc…
Has the device been used in other test sites?
Yes, the RxPense has been operating for several years in-house and is deployed or in the process of begin deployed into several, international clinical trials.
Has the device been involved in a trail project that has been reviewed by an ethics committee?
Yes, participating in a project with a large hospital, the device was reviewed and approved by the hospital’s an ethics committee.
Are the pills delivered to the patient already opened?
Yes, the RxPense delivers the medications to the patient pre-opened along with instructions on how to take them.
Can Email/SMS notifications be enabled on a schedule to support shift changes?
Currently not automatically. Circle of Care members can easily enable or disable their ability to receive SMS or email notifications for a particular patient by logging into the portal and toggling a checkbox. Someone starting their shift would enable the notifications while ethe person ending their shift would disable their notifications.
For security, is it possible to know the location of the device?
Yes, the device transmits its relative GPS location to the portal. In the portal, authorized users can view the location of the device as a pin location on Google Maps.
What is AdhereBook?
AdhereBookTM is our simple, cost-effective software as a service (SaaS) that helps you better manage Clinical Trials, locally or remotely. From Patient recruitment and anonymization, survey data & vitals collection, medication reminders, notifications and adherence reports, remote monitoring and tele-conferencing, AdhereBookTM helps clinical trial participants adhere to your remote or decentralized clinical trials (DCT) regimen and schedule.

AdhereBookTM will be available Q3/22.

Can I Track Adherence and Receive Reminders without the RxPense Hub?

Yes. A low-cost subscription the RxPense Care portal will provide all the features of our full portal, without the connected RxPense Hub. The RxPense Care portal allows you to register your prescriptions, medial conditions and allergies.

When it is time to take your medications, a reminder is sent by SMS or Email to the patient, or any of those in their circle of care who opt-in to receive these reminders. Once taken, the patient taps a link in the email or SMS to register their consumption. If a dose is forgotten, a reminder is sent out 3 times until the dose can no longer be consumed.


The amazing, multilingual, automated, connected

It’s the best pill dispenser for seniors!



Secure, cloud-based access to patient profiles, reports and the administration of RxPense® Hubs



Features and remote cloud management capabilities of the RxPense Portal, without the physical pill dispenser.

Manage all your medications, monitor vitals, receive SMS and Email Alerts and more…


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