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Pill Dispensers, a Competitive Analysis

The newest generation of pill dispensers are not only automated, but connected as well. Last year, we spent some time researching for the best pill dispenser for seniors and those for general consumer use. In the original article written for Medium.com, we documented the best of the best.

Since that time, we have been watching most of them closely while some have failed, others hold much promise. They are all developed for niche markets and segments of our society who can most benefit. Each has a compelling feature that makes it shine above the others, but together they are well engineered by smart people to serve a better good.

They all connect to patients and caregivers, some with advanced support for pharmacists and health care professionals via online portals. Besides all the cool bells and whistles, what distinguishes them most is their form factor, ease-of-use and target market. The days of manually dispensing your buffet of medications into small plastic organizers is almost over.

We review the pill dispensers that handle blister packaged medication, strip/pouch packaged medications, even devices that require manual fulling from your original pill vials. They all promote increased medication adherence.

Explore the original brief we wrote on Medium.com for the full report.

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