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Automatic Pill Dispenser for Seniors

Since prescription pills were invented, we’ve been trying to find different ways to carry them safely and remember to take them. Ornate pill boxes made of ceramic or tin gave way to plastic versions. It’s common to see 7 day pill box organizers sold in pharmacies, often with the days of the week written on top of each compartment. While we’ve come a long way in terms of convenience and packaging, those pill box organizers are certainly not tamper-proof and they still don’t help you remember to take the pills inside. We need an intelligent pill dispenser!  Seniors have many difficulties managing and taking their medications so what is the best pill dispenser for seniors? The RxPense is an intelligent, automated Dispill machine, an automatic blister package dispensing machine which securely dispenses, monitors patients and does so much more.

One popular drug organizer that was invented in Quebec is the DisPill. The DisPill is frequently recommended for patients with several medications to take at a time or those with more complex medication regimens. It is also commonly used in long term care homes, with all the pills a patient needs for each dose lumped into one sealed blister pack. The pharmacist organizes each dose by time and days and seals them into a paper and plastic holder. However, it still requires a person remember to take or be given the right blister pack at the right time. In care homes, the times are usually set by nursing rounds and not necessarily catered to the individual and their personal needs.

Other manufacturers offer similar blister-pack, organized, environmentally-friendly packaging like Eco-Pill by Ecolopharm and Pill Pak by Manrex. While they all have their merit, there is still room for human error in taking, dispensing and delivering the medications to the right patient at the right time.

Blister Pack Medication Dispenser

With all the technology we have, it’s hard to believe a better automated pill dispenser didn’t exist until now! Our aging patients are struggling to open their medication packages. They need an automated drug dispensing system. The new RxPense® pill dispenser system is leading the way. It’s not just a simple Dispill machine. It not only does the RxPense® system keep medications safely protected in a tamper-proof/child-proof holder, but it beeps, messages, vibrates and lights up to let people know it’s time for their next dose. When the correct person accesses the machine, it dispenses just the pills needed for that dose at that time. It keeps track of all taken or missed doses and can relay that information to any connected and authorized Smart Phone running the RxPense® mobile app. This way, concerned loved ones can always have peace of mind knowing medications are being taken and will be able to check in with the person is they have not.

Unlike other automated pill dispensing machines which work with Smart Phones, RxPense® takes it a step further. You can also make a video call through RxPense. This means not only can you receive notifications through your phone about the wellness of a loved one, but you can also see them and talk to them to make sure they are well. Anyone who has had to care for an elderly loved one knows how challenging it can be to get a break, even for a weekend. With the RxPense® system, you can go on vacation while staying in virtual contact at all times.

We’ve moved way beyond the times of decorated tins or paper and plastic pill organizers. We should no longer accept human errors or have to rely on memory when it comes to something this important for health. You and your loved ones deserve to be well-cared for and independent at the same time and that is achievable now!

RxPense® will remove some of the stress of caring for an elderly person and give them a sense of comfort and peace of mind as well.

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