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The most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser.

Solutions for Seniors in Residences and Long-term Care Facilities, Pharmacies, Clinical Trials, Disabled Veterans, Hospitals and Seniors At Home.

RxPense® is designed for seniors, patients with chronic disease, disabled veterans and those with complex medication regimes.

RxPense® is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures seniors, chronic care patients and disabled veterans at home (or elsewhere), take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers, or pharmacists, psychiatrists, clinicians and physicians, if they miss a dose. It also accurately records and documents the consumption of PRN “as-needed” and OTC medications. It can also capture (though external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record. It gives users access to digital health care and telemedicine.

Perfect for medication, health monitoring and management in home, clinic, hospital or institutional environments, RxPense® ensures the right pills are dispensed at the right time to the right person. RxPense® is an automatic pill dispenser which promotes medication adherence. RxPense® can also help prevent prescription drug abuse by securely storing, locking and only dispensing medications to the patient or an authorized person.

The RxPense® product line includes a dispensing device known as the RxPense® Hub, connected third-party sensors (for vitals), a secure cloud-based API and Portal known as the RxPense® Portal, accessible on any platform or mobile device.

The RxPense® is the only device which secures, stores and automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled and sealed, weekly multidose blister-packaged medications such as DisPill™, Distrimedic™, Eco-Pill™ and others, through a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence. Patients can reliably take their meds, and remain connected to care, even at home.

According to a CVS Health study, research shows that patients with congestive heart failure spend $7,823 less on health care annually if they stay on their prescribed medications, adherence lowers the medical bills for patients with diabetes by $3,756 every year, treatment for hypertension costs $3,908 less per patient per year if they are adherent, and patients with dyslipidemia or high cholesterol on average spend $1,258 less every year if they stay on their medications.

RxPense® empowers caregivers with better control of their patients medications

RxPense® empowers patients with better control of their medications

  • Safer, Secure Dispensing
  • Controlled Monitoring
  • TeleMedicine & TeleHealth
  • Circle of Care
  • Better Outcomes
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Increased Quality of Life

Medication errors and adverse events are the 4th leading cause of death. With close to 5 billion prescriptions filled each year, an aging society, reduced resources and increasing healthcare costs, it’s already a $300 billion problem.

RxPense® uses physical and virtual security, state of the art communication and identification technologies, combined with a patented dispensing solution to ensure the right patients always receive their prescribed medications at the designated time. RxPense® closes the gap between the pharmacist and the patient.

The RxPense® is Secure

The RxPense® is locked, rugged, water-resistant and tamper-proof, securing medications and preventing unauthorized access. User authentication is robust. Data encryption and privacy ensures only those authorized, can access the RxPense®.

Are you:

  • searching for a better way to ensure medications are taken only by the intended person and only at the right time?
  • looking for a secure pill dispenser which physically locks medications inside?
  • interested in preventing unauthorized access to Opioid or other high interest medications?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the RxPense® may be the right product for you.

Medipense® Solutions

RxPense® combines the convenience of machine automation and the utility of senior-friendly software interfaces to create a unique experience to maximize medication compliance.

RxPense® does this with a series of visual, audible and vibration prompts to the senior, and email, SMS and Cloud-based recording for caregivers. This new generation device and online monitoring service features the latest communications and display technologies and automates the dispensing of multi-dose blister-packaged medications though a patented process, to reduce the risk of medication non-compliance, prolong life and quality time spent at home for the senior.

The RxPense® is the best medication management solution for:

Sure, if you are able, you can buy a simple monthly pill organizer and use a free pill reminder app to remind you when to take your medications. You can also just use the blister packaging as is. But for those who need additional support and monitoring, security and connectivity, RxPense® will remind you to take the medications at the right time, and keep you connected to your circle of care including, caregivers, family, physicians and healthcare providers 24×7. To learn more about RxPense®, the only senior-friendly pill dispenser and our unique solutions download a free white paper today!


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