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Drug Adherence Is Just As Important As Preventive Care

Chronic illness and the importance of preventive care was a topic of a previous article. With that having now been discussed, we can focus on something that’s just as important – ensuring that those who are already suffering from chronic illnesses adhere to their treatment plans. Non-adherence is a major problem, and it’s one that’s costing us money and lives.

Taking your medication as prescribed is essential to preventing your health from declining once you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness. People know this, but yet they many still neglect to take their pills. Some simply forget from time to time, but others actually decide not to take them as required. In some cases, it’s because the people feel fine and decide for themselves that they no longer need to take their medication. Other folks don’t take their pills as prescribed because they can’t afford their prescriptions or because they want to avoid the side effects of their medication.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, medication non-adherence is currently making it harder for patients to stay healthy and for healthcare to remain affordable. It’s currently believed that 10% of hospital readmissions and a quarter of all nursing home admissions are the result of medication non-compliance. It’s also believed that medication non-adherence results in $290 billion in medical costs annually in the United States. These are costs that could absolutely be avoided if people just took their pills properly.

Again, this is a massive problem. Thankfully, though, studies have shown that things can be done to tackle the issue with a good deal of effectiveness. In fact, it’s been proven that investing in adherence programs leads to cost savings due to the prevention of disease relapses and complications. Putting devices such as RxPense into the hands of people suffering from chronic illnesses would surely have a significant impact as well.

A sophisticated pill dispenser, RxPense is designed to ensure that its users take the right medication at the right time. It has several ways of alerting a patient of when it’s time for them to take their pills and it provides them with the exact medication that they’re supposed to receive. If for some reason the patient misses a dose, caregivers are notified so that they can make sure that the person ends up taking their medication like they’re supposed to. Ultimately, the patient adheres to their treatment plan and they increase their chances of staying healthy and out of the hospital.

At Medipense, we have compiled a white paper entitled: A Cure for Medication Non-adherence, a Medipense White Paper which presents a consolidated view on solving the medication non-adherence problem. Feel free to down load it and comment.

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