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Montreal, Quebec, June 14, 2016– Medipense is pleased to announce support for clinical drug trials and the Contract Research Organizations (CRO) conducting these trials, with the new RxPense® medication management and remote patient monitoring solution.

Within a clinical trials context, medication non-adherence is a particular challenge for pharmaceutical sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) as the quality of the research is only a good as the data that feeds it.

The RxPense® enables the CRO to reduce cost and provide better results by securing and controlling medications and related data and communicating secure data anywhere the participant is located.

Researchers and clinicians have used a host of methods to assess patient adherence to medication regimens. Large variations in non-adherence (including non-compliance and non-persistence) are common in individual patients. Up until now the principal means for assessing compliance has been via direct or indirect means including: Drug assays of blood or urine, the use of drug markers with target medications, direct observation of the patient, self-reporting by the patient, medication measurement (pill count), review of Rx records and claims, and the use of Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS).

“The RxPense® Hub physically secures the medications or placebos within the device. When dispensing is desired, the participant identity is confirmed via NFC, biometric or password authentication, the medication is dispensed while audio, video and images record the event. The participant confirms consumption and the RxPense® readies the next dose. Vitals may be collected, continually or at time of dispensing. A complete audit trail is uploaded to the Cloud.” Explained Terry Fagen, President & Founder of Medipense Inc.

CROs are excited about the possibilities of capturing better, more accurate data and monitoring participants at a distance, expanding their reach. With about 60% of the costs for a clinical trial attributed to data collection, the opportunities afforded by the RxPense connected device are absolutely amazing. The RxPense even allows us to educate and have participants complete survey questions by manually or by videoconference on the large touch screen display.

RxPense® is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures Seniors, Disabled Veterans, Chronic Care Patients or Clinical Trial Participants, take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers or Health Care Providers if they miss a dose. It can also capture (though external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record for better follow-up It gives users access to digital health care and tele-medicine.

About Medipense

Medipense is bringing digital health to an aging population by developing leading edge products and services to specifically address the needs of seniors, those suffering from chronic diseases and the infirm. Whether it’s for home health monitoring, remote health monitoring or on-site secure medication access, with RxPense® we combine the convenience of machine automation with senior-friendly software interfaces to create a unique experience and maximize medication compliance.

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