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RxPense pill dispenser hub, medication management for seniors, elderly and chronic care

The most intelligent, secure and automatic pill dispenser.

Medication Dispensing and Monitoring Solutions for Seniors in Residences, Long-term Care, Rehab Centers, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Caregivers, Clinicians and Chronic Care patients.

Helping Seniors Remain At Home Longer, Pharmacists and Caregivers to Better Manage Patients, Payors to Reduce Costs, Institutions to Provide Better Quality Care.

The RxPense® by Medipense is proudly engineered & made in Canada.

RxPense® Helps Patients Adhere to their Medication Schedule

96 percent of chronic disease patients stay on track with daily medication when using connected dispensing technology*

rxpense pill dispenser manages 5Rs

About Medipense

Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, secure, multilingual, intelligent and connected pill dispenser, medication management and remote monitoring system for Seniors in Residences and Long-term Care Facilities, Rehab Centers, Veterans, Indigenous Peoples and Chronic Care patients.

Perfect for medication management, health monitoring and remote management in home, residence, clinic, hospital or institutional environments, RxPense® ensures the right pills are dispensed at the right time to the right person. RxPense® is a secure, automatic pill dispenser which promotes medication adherence. RxPense® can also help prevent prescription drug abuse by securely storing, locking and only dispensing medications to the patient or an authorized person.

The RxPense® was designed as a home health hub specifically for seniors, to help them remain at home longer. When it is time to move into a residence or managed care facility, the RxPense® can go with them.

Built to last, the RxPense® is an automatic pill dispenser and a secure, cloud-based, patient and management portal. Now available with an optional, wireless, waterproof emergency button & fall detector – PaniqueTM, perfect for seniors.

RxPense® Pill Dispenser

The RxPense® pill dispenser was designed with the help of seniors, for seniors who need to manage 5+ medications per dose, patients with chronic disease, veterans and anyone trying to cope with complex medication regimens. We believe the RxPense® is the best pill dispenser for seniors.

Personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring

RxPense® is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures seniors, chronic care patients, veterans and those in need, at home, residence or managed care facility, take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers, or pharmacists, psychiatrists, clinicians and physicians, if they miss a dose. It also accurately records and documents the consumption of PRN “as-needed” and OTC medications. It can also capture (through external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the patient’s electronic record in the RxPense® Portal. It gives users access to digital health care and telemedicine.

In a complex world, we make it easier for seniors to take their medications on time.

Medication dispensing systems for elderly

Perfect for medication, health monitoring and management in home, residence, clinic, hospital or institutional environments, RxPense® ensures the right pills are dispensed at the right time to the right person. RxPense® is a secure, automatic pill dispenser which promotes medication adherence. RxPense® can also help prevent prescription drug abuse by securely storing, locking and only dispensing medications to the patient or an authorized person.

The RxPense® was designed specifically for seniors, to help them remain at home longer. When it is time to move into a residence or managed care facility, the RxPense® can go with them. Built to last, the RxPense® ensures a patient is never alone by maintaining their circle of care, wherever they may be.

Most Advanced Locked Pill Dispenser

The RxPense® product line includes a dispensing device known as the RxPense® Hub, connected third-party sensors (for vitals), a secure cloud-based API and Portal known as the RxPense® Portal, accessible on any platform or mobile device.

Medication Facts

  • More that 500 Million prescriptions are filled each year in Canada! In the USA, over 4 Billion prescriptions are filled by retailers – excluding hospitals and non-retail fulfillment.
  • Without assistance, 80% of patients occasionally miss a dose
  • 40% of Seniors enter nursing homes because they can not self-medicate
  • $300B can be saved by our healthcare system if patients remained adherent
  • Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic group
  • Life expectancy is expected to continue rising—Canadian men and women born in 2030 will live on average to age 84 and 87, respectively.
  • It is widely published that up to 30% of hospital re-admissions are due to Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) of which polypharmacy contributes towards medication non-adherence and medication errors.

Safe & Easy Medication Management

Senior happy to remain at home, medication adherent withe the RxPense pill dispenser

The RxPense® is the only device which secures (physically and with biometric identification, pin and password) stores and automates the dispensing of pharmacist-filled and sealed, weekly multi-dose blister-packaged medications through a patented process, and significantly reduces the risk of medication non-adherence. The RxPense®supports market leading  DisPill®, Eco-Pill®, Distrimedic and other blister package types.

  • Where other packaging, like strip, pouch, sachet or pillpack, are limited to a maximum of 5 medications, the blister-packaging used by the RxPense® can hold up to 15 medications per dose!
  • RxPense® is the only dispenser to securely store skipped or missed doses, reducing the risk of over-consumption.
  • RxPense® is the only dispenser with an integrated, wireless fall detector and panic button.
  • With the RxPense® you can keep your current pharmacy! Any pharmacy can supply and deliver medications for the RxPense®. Don’t be limited to specialty mail-order pharmacies.
  • RxPense® is an enterprise-grade, robust, secure, and adaptive multilingual pill dispenser supporting native language preferences of patients, caregivers and health care professionals.
  • Absolutely no manual filling of medications into dispenser or containers, boxes or drums. No programming required. No underdosing. No overdosing. Fully recorded audit trail.
  • The RxPense® can serve as a Home Health Hub for telemedicine, vitals collection, pill dispensing and communication.
  • For organizations or businesses with many locations, wards, patients to manage, the RxPense Portal can provide the real-time monitoring and reporting you need, regardless of your organizational structure or number of patients.

Patients can reliably take their meds, and remain connected to care, in residence, managed care facility, hospital, even at home, anywhere in the world!

multilingual pill dispensers, the RxPense Hub is the best dispenser for seniors

The RxPense® Hub is an IoT-connected automatic pill dispenser, connected to the RxPense® Portal, a cloud-based, secure, patient and management portal.

The RxPense® Portal

The RxPense® Portal is an integral part of the RxPense® ecosystem. It provides secure, cloud-based access to patient profiles and the administration of RxPense® Hubs, regardless of location. The cloud securely hosts our Web Portal and API Component which bridges the RxPense® with Caregivers, Patients, Physicians and Pharmacists. The RxPense® can even connect to third-party wearables and other devices.

Monitor Patients & Devices

wireless identification security to authenticate yourself before the RxPense

Role-based access and management, supports PIPEDA, HIPAA & GDPR, delivers surveys and gathers feedback, mobile, tablet, desktop compatible views.

Medipense now offers Panique™ as an optional, low cost, panic button and fall detector accessory pendant which connects to the RxPense® Hub.

Accessory: Panique™ for Personal Security and Safety 

Panique™ is an optional, low cost, accessory pendant and service which functions as a wireless panic button and fall detector, communicating directly to the RxPense. You can wear it or place it in your pocket and feel confident that a caregiver can be notified in the even of an emergency or fall. For immediate assistance, simply press the button. Each Panique is unique, assigned to only 1 person and works in conjunction with the patient’s RxPense to notify a caregiver or health care professional that help is needed. Emergency support is easily within reach.

Medipense offers physical and virtual security in the RxPense®

The RxPense® is Secure

The RxPense® is locked, rugged, water-resistant and tamper-proof, securing medications and preventing unauthorized access. User authentication is robust with Voice Biometrics, RFID Tags, PIN or Password. Data encryption and privacy ensures only those authorized and properly authenticated, can access the RxPense®.

Ensure medications are taken only by the intended person and only at the right time. The RxPense physically locks medications inside and prevents unauthorized access. Perfect protection for opioids or other high interest medications?

The RxPense® empowers patients and caregivers and helps health care professionals remain connected to those in their care

The RxPense® Empowers

RxPense® empowers patients with better control of their own medications

  • Safer, Secure Dispensing
  • Controlled Monitoring
  • TeleMedicine & TeleHealth
  • Circle of Care
  • Better Outcomes
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Increased Quality of Life

RxPense® empowers caregivers with better control of their patients medications

caregivers for seniors

The RxPense® helps to avoid medication errors

The pill dispenser that helps avoid medication errors

Medication errors and adverse events are the 4th leading cause of death. With close to 5 billion prescriptions filled each year, an aging society, reduced resources and increasing healthcare costs, it’s already a $300 billion problem.

Patients forget to take their medications, creatively alter their medications, engage in unendorsed polypharmacy, mix their medications, and take medications in combinations that may have dire “cocktail” effects, ranging from dizziness and confusion to hallucinations, bradycardia, apnea and even death.

RxPense® uses physical and virtual security, state of the art communication and identification technologies, combined with a patented dispensing solution to ensure the right patients always receive their prescribed medications at the designated time. RxPense® closes the gap between the pharmacist and the patient.

Confusing, complicated regimens are a thing of the past.

The RxPense® helps with rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Centers & Mental Health Solutions

Treatment and rehabilitation centers help people struggling from drug, alcohol or substance abuse or addiction. The focus of the rehab center is on providing help for these people to safely reduce, then eliminate their dependency. At home, the treatment may continue. In addition, people afflicted with mental health conditions and receiving medications as part of their treatment, may require adherence to strict dispensing cycles and monitoring.

The RxPense® can be used to secure medications and control their release. In addition, custom and extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities are available in the Cloud.

The RxPense® is perfect for individuals & groups

Medipense Individual & Group Medication Dispensing and Monitoring Solutions

Medipense offers patient medication management solutions for individuals and groups. Each RxPense® pill dispenser is usually assigned only to one individual and only the medications designated for that individual can be loaded, dispensed and monitored. However, in a group setting, the RxPense® can be filled with PRN medications and multiple, authorized users may dispense these medications according to their individual schedules and limitations. The group settings are ideal for hospital based dispensing of high value medications as well as offering controlled access in a rehabilitation setting.

RxPense® combines the convenience of machine automation and the utility of senior-friendly software interfaces to create a unique experience to maximize medication compliance.

RxPense® does this with a series of visual, audible and vibration prompts to the senior, and email, SMS and Cloud-based recording for caregivers. This new generation device and online monitoring service features the latest communications and display technologies and automates the dispensing of multi-dose blister-packaged medications through a patented process, to reduce the risk of medication non-compliance, prolong life and quality time spent at home for the senior.

The RxPense® is the best medication management solution for:

If you need support, enhanced monitoring, security and connectivity, the RxPense® will remind you to take medications at the right time, and keep you connected to your circle of care including, caregivers, family, physicians and healthcare providers 24×7.

RxPense communicates securely with the Cloud

The RxPense® was developed after years of research and development with top talented software, aerospace and robotics engineers in Montreal, Canada. The RxPense® is patented and designed for 30 second loading, automated self-programming and ease of use. Perfect for seniors to remain at home longer and connected to loved ones, wherever they may be.

Anyone consuming 5 or more medications per dose, 4 to 8 times daily, not only has a difficult time organizing their daily medications, but also forgets whether they took a dose. Sachet packaging does not help. Receiving 4 or 5 baggies with medications, automated or not, are too confusing and subject to overdose when a dose is missed. Vials are confusing and difficult to open. Cute pill reminders do not work for seniors or those suffering from mental health issues. We invented RxPense to solve these and other medication adherence problems.

To learn more about RxPense®, the only senior-friendly pill dispenser and our unique solutions download a free white paper today!

How is the RxPense® Better? Learn Why.

The RxPense® is perfect for seniors!

The amazing, multilingual, automated, connected RxPense® Hub. It’s the best pill dispenser for seniors! Seniors who want to remain at home, longer. Seniors in residences, long term care facilities or assisted living facilities. Chronic care patients trying to manage a complex medication regimen. Veterans struggling to cope with a barrage of pills each day. Health care professionals, caregivers, insurance and other payors managing thousands of patients, the RxPense® offers a solution for you to reduce costs, increase medication adherence and provide a better quality of life for all.

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